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Thank you for supporting Wichita State!

We are excited to announce the WSU Foundation’s annual fund name has changed from Dean’s Fund For Excellence to Shocker Fund.  The new name emphasizes the connection of Shocker alumni and friends to our Shocker students through their favorite college, school or program.

What can you expect? You’ll see the Shocker Fund name followed by the college, school or program that you support on all printed materials.  And you’ll be hearing from our Shocker students who call WSU alumni and friends throughout the year to share information on how your support of the Shocker Fund is vital to student success. 

How can you help? Spread the word to Shocker Nation and consider donating to one of our Shocker Funds. It takes all of us working together to make Shocker Nation great!

Shocker Fund Student Callers
Shocker Fund callers connect with 60,000 alumni and friends by phone each year to help raise unrestricted money that supports students in the college, school or program of choice. When you answer the call, you'll learn more about what is happening on campus and can provide an update on any changes to personal information. Plus, student callers make it easy to give a gift by phone or through the mail by providing a reminder letter and return envelop.  

Why do students need your help because Shocker Funds provide:
*   tutoring funds;
*   scholarships for studies abroad;
*   funds for attending academic conferences and competitions;
*   participation in community service applied studies projects;
*   the ability to say YES to students need for support requests and much more.

Wichita State Student Callers Appreciate the Strong Support of Shocker Nation.

Monthly Gifts of All Sizes Matter
Your monthly gift, no matter the amount, will make a huge impact on students who have a learning opportunity but don't have the resources to cover it. Monthly gifts can be made online, by mail or over the phone with our student callers by making a pledge or paying with a credit card. Consider changing to a monthly gift to allow professors to say YES to student requests throughout the year.  

Faculty and Staff Your Support Helps Strengthen Shocker Nation 

Your support of the Shocker Funds provides discretionary dollars that are strategically used by each college, school or program you designate to enhance the student experience. It's an easy way to show your continued support by making a monthly gift through one of the following methods below: 

Give Now

Employer Matching Gifts Double the Impact & Signal To Your Employer The Importance of Education 

If your employer will make a matching gift to your contribution, please obtain the matching gift request form from your company and return it with your gift. This is an easy way to expand the impact of your gift!