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The Impact of Annual Giving

Your annual gift has a huge impact!

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Large or small, the impact of annual giving is significant

The Annual Fund for Excellence raises unrestricted money for the six colleges and University Libraries through our student calling program and direct mail. During the previous academic year, we were able to direct nearly $650,000 to WSU programs.

How your gift impacts Wichita State:



  • Upgrades lab and simulation equipment for the College of Health Professions
  • Pays for a graduate research assistant in the Human Performance Lab for one year for the College of Education
  • Covers cost of new EKG software for the Human Performance Lab for the College of Education
  • Upgrades and replaces laboratory equipment, as well as computer software and hardware for the Fairmount College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Provides a digital collection of primary historical documents
  • Provides technology upgrades in the University Libraries
  • Sponsors the workshop series for the Fundamentals of Engineering preparatory sessions
  • Covers an entire year of recruitment brochures (student resource guide) for the W. Frank Barton School of Business


$1,000 - $2,500

  • Hires a student as a faculty research assistant
  • Purchases musical instruments for the College of Fine Arts
  • Provides a computer for student use in the library
  • Sends both student and faculty to conferences and competitions
  • Brings in a national expert for the Exercise Science Guest Lecture Series
  • Supports faculty and student participation in Interprofessional Experience in Haiti
  • Offsets the cost of repairing musical instruments
  • Provides photography equipment for classrooms
  • Provides sponsorship for the Welcome Back to WSU Engineering Block Party open to all engineering students
  • Allows colleges to offer individual scholarships to students, which can cover their entire semester


$250 - $500

  • Allows for networking opportunities for students with local professionals
  • Covers cost of a child manikin to teach CPR skills
  • Pays for books in the library for students and faculty to use
  • Covers the cost of a trip to the Federal Reserve for business school students studying economy
  • Sends a student to the Beta Gamma Sigma conference
  • Provides an iPad or tablet for student use in the library
  • Pays for a scholarly journal subscription
  • Allows for a LEGO MINDSTORMS Robotics kit to help an existing middle school team
  • Sponsors an event for two College of Engineering student groups



  • Covers student membership in a professional organization
  • Provides free engineering tutoring for 7 hours for both group and individual sessions
  • Provides supplies to the Human Performance Laboratory for the College of Education
  • Provides a bookstore credit to offset the ever increasing cost of textbooks for a student
  • Offsets cost of student uniforms in the College of Health Professions
  • Supports informal student/faculty events that are vital to the student experience 


Your gift, no matter the amount, allows the students and faculty to continue Wichita State’s legacy of excellence. Gifts can be made online, by mail or over the phone with our student callers by making a pledge or paying with a credit card.

Give Now

Want to stretch your dollar even further? If your employer will make a matching gift to your contribution, please obtain the matching gift request form from your company and return it with your gift. This is an easy way to expand the impact of your gift!