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Mary and Gus Campuzano, WSU SupportersBastian family and Fidelity Bank give $1 million

“Wichita State played an important role in my education, both in business and in life,” said Clark Bastian, Fidelity Bank CEO and a WSU business school graduate. “This is a special opportunity to ensure that future generations will benefit from real-world educational experiences and meaningful collaboration at the Barton School on the Innovation Campus.”

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Looking For More Reasons?

Supporting Our Students
- scholarships and fellowships attract outstanding students who are change-agents for the future. Support ensures that tuition is not a barrier to academic success for young talent.
Our Faculty
- supporting professorships and chairs helps us recruit world-class scholars and researchers while retaining the talent currently at Wichita State. Faculty support will enable WSU to fill positions focused on innovation and engaging research that has the potential to improve the region's social and economic well being.

Our Academics
- giving to academic programs like art, humanities, libraries and more ensures our programs will continue to enrich student life for years to come.

Our Colleges
- supporting the university colleges provides students with vital academic support, important events like guest lectures, adequate learning space, technology and more.
  Our Research - supporting our research efforts allows Wichita State, the state's only metropolitan area research university, to continue growing undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate research. By supporting research, you enable WSU to become the region's foremost economic development laboratory to develop a sustained pipeline of research innovation.

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