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By Jesse Hall, WSU Foundation digital communication specialist


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Like many of us who have heard others chatting about tweets, likes, follows and so on — we wonder, where’s the value? Facebook and Twitter have evolved into much more than an outlet for personal status updates about what you had for breakfast. Today, you can find useful information while connecting with alumni, donors and many WSU groups.


   Facebook has come a long way from a once college side-project to the number one social media site in the world — with more than a billion active users. The site has become an important asset for business use as well. If you’re not using Facebook yet, let us help you get started. If you are, here’s how you can help.

The why and how of following the WSU Foundation

   We encourage you to extend your relationship with us by following us on Facebook. This is called “liking” our Facebook “page.”

   Once you’ve “liked” our page, you’ll be provided campus-wide updates — from sports to fundraising initiatives, and special events to scholarship updates. Donors will see photos of fellow supporters joining our staff at special celebrations, WSU sporting events, scholarship events and more. We also offer development and leadership updates, fun staff photos, cancellation announcements and other university news. We encourage you to “like” the posts relevant to you, as well as share anything we’ve posted with your friends to continue to communicate our message.

Engaging in Facebook in three easy steps

  1. Join Facebook, if you haven’t already, and create your own profile:

  2. “Like” us on Facebook to start receiving our updates:

  3. “Share” and “Like” posts that you enjoy or find important to you — and possibly your friends!


   Twitter, like Facebook, is a major social media site that offers a concise experience by restricting content to a maximum of 140 characters — so you’re only seeing crucial information.

   Content posted on Twitter is called a “tweet” and the process is called “tweeting.” Think bird chirp. Furthermore, “tweets” occur in real time. What does that mean? You will be aware of breaking news, announcements and pertinent information on Twitter first, before receiving email or postal mail or hearing about it on your favorite radio or television news stations.

Following the WSU Foundation on Twitter

   When you follow us on Twitter, you will always stay up-to-date, including what we post on Facebook, but in a crisper format. To receive succinct information in a timely manner, follow the WSU Foundation on Twitter. To share a tweet from us with your followers, you can “retweet” the post. This will keep them informed, too. If we’ve posted something you really like, you can “favorite” our tweet, which allows you to reference it in the future under your favorite tweets.

Ready to tweet? It’s easy…

  1. Create your Twitter account and give yourself a name. All user names on Twitter start with the “@” symbol. You use this to mention the WSU Foundation in your tweets as well, so we know you’re talking to us:

  2. Follow us to start receiving our updates: We’re @wsufoundation on Twitter.

  3. Say, “Hi!” You can mention us by typing @wsufoundation in your tweet, that way we’ll see it. Example: “Good morning @wsufoundation! Great event last night!”

   So now you’re ready to go! Get out there and start following, tweeting and liking. We’ll be watching for you.


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