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Shock the World Campaign
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Three WSU students share how scholarships changed their lives
The Shock the World Campaign seeks to increase scholarship aid by 80 percent

Hannah Fernandes
Hannah Fernandes
  • Senior from La Crosse, Wisconsin
  • Majoring in musical theatre
  • Recipient of the Music Theatre of Wichita Scholarship

I grew up dreaming about doing musical theater for my living. My scholarship has helped me so much in living that dream. There weren’t a lot of performing opportunities for me in my hometown, so it’s been a privilege and a blessing to be in Wichita. This scholarship has opened so many doors for me. Without it, I don’t think I would have been as successful as I have been. I was able to attend numerous workshops and classes across the country. I’ve performed the last two summers with Music Theatre of Wichita. I was a Fine Arts senator last semester with the Student Government Association. This semester I was president of the School of Performing Arts’ Student Activities Council. This scholarship has allowed me to share my art, my time, my energy without having to worry about financial burdens. And, as an Indian-American actress, it means the world to me to be on the most diverse campus in Kansas.

Lorylyn Bailey
Lorylyn Bailey
  • Senior from Wichita
  • Majoring in secondary English education
  • Recipient of the Craig Murphy Memorial Book Award and the Charles and Helen Graves Scholarship

Scholarships are very important to me because I didn’t have much opportunity financially to pay for college. After my freshmen and sophomore years, the scholarships I had were over, and I started to go into a panic. I had been working three jobs, but I needed more financial aid to finish out my junior and senior years. In my junior year, I received the Charles and Helen Graves Scholarship, which was very helpful. Then, when I received the Craig Murphy Memorial Book Award in my senior year, I was almost in tears because I needed it so much. I almost had to postpone my senior year of college because I didn’t have the funding. So now, I get to walk across that stage in May and I don’t have to wait to complete my education. Wichita State has taught me more about myself and about what I want for my future than I ever thought a college could possibly do.

Samuel Janssen
Samuel Janssen
  • Senior from Scandia, Kansas
  • Majoring in aerospace engineering
  • Recipient of the Bill Wilhelm Engineering Scholarship and the H. Russell Bombhoff Engineering Scholarship.

My scholarships have allowed me to dedicate a lot of time to being the best student and the best young engineer that I can. My dream is to work in manned space flight, which is a pretty narrow field, so you really have to be at the top of your game. I’ve been able to get involved with Rocket Club, which is an engineering organization where we design, build and fly amateur high-powered rockets. We flew a rocket last spring that was 10 feet tall and 8 inches in diameter and could go to 10,000 feet. I’ve even been able to serve as president of the club, all due to having the time that the scholarship makes available. It has taken away a lot of the financial burden of attending school and allowed me to become a better engineer and set me on the right path to a career. I will graduate this May.