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Inside the W. Frank Barton School of Business

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Ruse Brown, left, Barton School alumnus; Dotty Harpool, director, WSU marketing department; Anand Desai, Barton School dean; and Kristen Boxman, pictured below, business major and executive vice president of WSU Business International Group.

Why is the Barton School special to you?

RUSE: As a lifelong Wichitan with deep family roots, Wichita State has always been important to me. The number one thing that makes the Barton School of Business special to me was the personal relationship with the professors that were willing to take the time to get to know each student, many of which I still have to this day.

DOTTY: I am an alumna of the Barton School and my experiences as a student and faculty member literally changed my life. The students, faculty, staff and campus environment make my job a joy every day.

ANAND: I have gained a keen appreciation of the dedicated and talented faculty and staff, and the passion that our alumni have for the school.

KRISTEN: The WSU Barton School of Business is constantly reaching to expand. With the innovation campus and new partnerships, it feels special to be at a school that is certainly on its way to becoming one of the most unique education opportunities in the country.


Why/how did you choose to work at/attend WSU Barton School of Business?

RUSE: While I was attending the University of Kansas, I was offered an internship in the field I wanted to get into so I moved back to Wichita. I decided to finish up my degree at Wichita State University. This turned out to be a great decision for me personally and for my career.

DOTTY: A Marketing Department faculty member left the university two weeks prior to the fall 1987 semester and I was asked to teach her classes on an emergency basis. I walked into the classroom the first day of the semester and knew immediately that this was my calling.

ANAND: The Barton School is uniquely positioned to bring students and businesses together in a rich learning environment emphasizing applied learning. It is an honor to be leading the Barton School to help our students become the entrepreneurs, innovators and critical thinkers shaping our economy.


KRISTEN: When I envisioned preparing for my future career, I did not see myself in the classroom. I wanted to be in the world, gaining knowledge from experts in the field. WSU not only offers that experience, but also brings it right to you. I find inspiration from being in the midst of the Wichita business community.


Name three things on your bucket list?

RUSE: Take a trip to Africa for a photo safari, Disney World with my wife and children and attend a Super Bowl Game.

DOTTY: Snorkel/scuba dive the Barrier Reef, zip line through the jungle in Costa Rica and ride in a helicopter.

ANAND: Take a cruise ship to Alaska, visit Machu-Picchu and play a round (or two!) of golf at Pebble Beach.

KRISTEN: Be fluent in Spanish, visit all 50 states and seven continents and be an industry speaker.