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Lori and Mike Morgan encourage the next generation of engineers

Financially speaking, going to college wasn’t a walk in the park for Lori Morgan. With little family money to support her, Lori pursued her degree in industrial engineering at Wichita State with the help of scholarships, Pell grants and work-study programs.

Wilson K. Cadman
Mike and Lori Morgan enjoy retirement life in Austin, Texas. Lori’s two sisters, Debbie Haynes (chair-elect for the WSU Foundation board of directors) and Barbara Haynes, also graduated from Wichita State.

But she made it and went on to have a career of more than 20 years. She met her husband, Mike Morgan, also an industrial engineer, while working for Kraft Foods in Champaign, Illinois. They had a daughter, Samantha, 21, and now are enjoying retired life in the Austin, Texas, area.

“On the drive from Illinois to Texas, we talked about how important education was to our lives and the good fortune we’ve had,” says Lori, a 1981 graduate. “We wanted to give back in some way, especially to students with financial challenges."

The Morgans have pledged a significant gift to Wichita State from their estate. They recently also endowed the Haynes Morgan Scholarship for engineering students, an award that will be based on financial need. Mike Morgan, a Texas A&M graduate, says he and Lori want their investment to make a difference in the lives of first-generation or low-income students.

“We were looking to help young people who might not be able to stay in school without financial aid,” he says.

The Morgans have requested that their planned gift be divided three ways: 25 percent to supplement their scholarship, 25 percent to be used at the discretion of the engineering dean and 50 percent to endow an engineering professorship.

“The quality of your engineering faculty is very critical,” Lori says. “Especially with how fast things are changing today. Visiting Wichita State again and seeing the Innovation Campus really opened our eyes to that.”

Lori has many good memories of her student days, including participating in student government and watching basketball games from the student section. Road-tripping to New Orleans to see the WSU-KU game in the 1981 NCAA Tournament is a favorite story. “A bunch of us drove down there and shared one hotel room. We were poor students,” she says with a laugh.