2013 Faculty and Staff Giving Campaign kicks off with love

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What do you love about Wichita State? That’s what Krista Voth is asking WSU staff and faculty during this year’s “I Heart WSU” Faculty and Staff Giving Campaign, which was appropriately kicked off this month.

   “When we think about why we work here, it encourages us to support the university financially,” said Voth, annual fund director for the WSU Foundation.

   That line of thinking rings true for many.

   “I started giving because I feel it is important to support things you care about with your time, talents and funds,” said Susan Norton, director of satellite campuses, workforce development and adult learner programs at Wichita State. “WSU and higher education are things I am passionate about.”

   “I love Shocker basketball and the arts,” said Brenda Achey ’96, College of Fine Arts accountant IV. “I give to WSU and to the College of Fine Arts. I have been working at WSU for 28½ years now and cannot think of a better place to work.”

   Voth believes that making this year’s campaign fun and interactive will help accomplish the goal of increasing participation yet again.

   Though the Foundation’s effort to solicit faculty and staff giving during previous years was spread out during each academic year, last year a “campaign” concept was initiated and focused its activities into a one-month period.

   “Concentrating a majority of our endeavors in a concise timeframe allowed for more energy at the onset,” said Mike Lamb, WSU Foundation vice president for planned and annual giving, “which was maintained by continued reminders, including updates in campus-wide emails and employee meetings, gift thank you postcards and other types of communication.”

Susan Norton

Susan Norton, director of WSU satellite campuses, workforce development and adult learner programs, supports Wichita State through payroll deduction because it is so easy: "One time set up and it is done."

   That plan showed success with an increase in the number of participants. Gifts were designated to each college’s unrestricted fund in addition to specific areas, including KMUW 89.1 and the Shocker Employee and Dependent Scholarship.

   This year’s campaign is being enhanced with broader communication efforts.

   “The Sunflower student newspaper ran a story and I already have presentations scheduled with the university senates, some individual college meetings and Council of University Women,” said Voth. “In addition, the Foundation participated in the spring Welcomefest event, greeting students returning to classes. We set up a photo booth so students could get in on the fun, too. They took pictures with signs that said what they love about WSU. Our hope is that they engage with the Foundation while they’re here and will become donors once they graduate and begin their careers.”

   Integrating social media into the campaign is enabling the Foundation to spread the word on its Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts in addition to the campaign pages on its website. Brief announcements of where Voth will be speaking can appear on Twitter, whereas Facebook can go into more detail about campaign updates. On Instagram, photos of Shockers showing what they love about WSU are fun to view. The WSU Foundation website gives a broad overview of the campaign, including a questions and answers page.

   “For many of us, WSU is more than just a job, it is a passion,” said Norton. “I hope my   co-workers would agree that giving back to the university is important to continue the work we do and continue the legacy of so many who have gone before me.”

   To check out the I Heart WSU Faculty & Staff Giving Campaign, please click here.

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The campaign also includes an interactive campus map, which displays the names of donors in relation to where or which campus program they have given. Hovering over a heart displays names. You can find the map by clicking here.

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