Entrepreneurship director waxes poetic about WSU’s tech park plans

Lou Heldman, WSU

Inspired by WSU President John Bardo’s proposal to create an Innovation Campus at Wichita State, Lou Heldman, interim director of the Center for Entrepreneurship, came up with this humorous tribute. He explains: “I'm very enthusiastic about the Tech Park plan. When I read President Bardo's plan to establish Building Two first, then Building One, it reminded me of the hundreds of times I read to my kids about Thing One and Thing Two in ‘Cat in the Hat,’ by Dr. Seuss.”


Building Two, Then Building One
By Lou Heldman 

Then he ran out
And fast as a fox
President Bardo
Came back with a box

A black and yellow box
It was shut with a hook
Look at this plan, said Dr. B
Take a look!

He told the reporter
In support of the Shocks
I call this strategy
Tech Park in a box

In this box are two buildings
I will show to you now
Wichita will like these two buildings
Said Prez B with a bow

I will pick up the hook
You will see something new
Two buildings, I call them
Building One and Building Two

Building Two will come first
So no golfers need fret
Then Building One will go up
Because we’re not finished yet!

Tech is our future
Innovations are us
I already proved it
With the new shuttle bus

So watch WSU grow
Work hard and have fun
And someday soon
We’ll have our day in the sun

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