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Dr. John Bardo's Presidential Update: February

Dear Shockers:

It’s common to associate innovation with huge shifts in technology, but innovation is also the daily practice of conscientiously re-framing how we approach problems so that we can find better solutions.

You’ve probably heard me talk about the “hidden gems” on this campus. Those are the treasured people in every department, in every line of work, who are determined to better serve students, society and fellow employees. They are innovators, because they consistently develop better ways of providing teaching, research and service.

Innovation isn’t just something I preach; I try to practice it every day in my approach to our shared WSU Vision, Mission, Values and Goals.

When we evaluate incumbents or have openings for deans or other top executives of the university, Provost Tony Vizzini and I emphasize the importance of innovation.

The latest example is a search we opened last week for WSU General Counsel, the university’s top attorney. This is a person who will report directly to me. If you look at the position posting, here are some of the phases used to emphasize the innovative mindset I’m seeking:

  • WSU’s transformation to an innovation university will require the General Counsel’s strong analytical, interpersonal, written and oral communication skills and high ethical standards to help produce positive outcomes in a period of continuous change
  • A clear ability to implement a legal model consistent with the management philosophy of “getting to yes.”
  • The General Counsel must assist the administration in reducing unnecessary bureaucracy

We’re also asking each candidate to answer this essay question: Wichita State University is committed to becoming a university driven by innovation. How do you see yourself contributing to that as General Counsel?

It might be fun to ask yourself: What is my commitment to innovation? How am I making a positive difference?

As we rethink existing job descriptions at the university and as we fill positions, I encourage everyone to think about the definition of innovation that best fits every job.

In coming months, Tony Vizzini and I will be visiting with many of you to hear your ideas on how we can incorporate innovation into the daily life of the university.

If you want to share your ideas before we meet, please send them to: In the subject line please use: Innovation at Wichita State.

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