Cargill gives financial support, expertise to make Koch Global Trading Center a success

The company’s $120,000 pledge is a big step forward for the $1 million fundraising campaign

Jody Horner, president of Cargill Meat Solutions Corp.
Jody Horner is president of Cargill Meat Solutions Corp., which pledged $120,000 in support of the Koch Global Trading Center.

Trading goods on a global basis has been part of Cargill’s business for decades, so when the opportunity arose to support Wichita State’s efforts to teach students about financial and commodity markets, the fit seemed a good one.

    “We’re an international company with operations in 67 countries, and trading is an important part of what we do,” says Jody Horner, president of Cargill Meat Solutions Corp.

    The company has pledged $120,000 to support the Koch Global Trading Center, slated to open this summer in Clinton Hall, home to the W. Frank Barton School of Business. The gift will be recognized on the LED stock ticker that will be installed near the entrance to the trading center.

    With the donation from Cargill, the WSU Foundation’s efforts to raise $1 million to establish the center and create an operational endowment take a big step forward, says Elizabeth King, WSU Foundation president and CEO.

    “We’re pleased to have raised almost $850,000 so far from our corporate friends and loyal alums,” King said. “But our work continues. For the trading center to be a successful learning environment, we must reach the goal of $1 million.”

“Educating people about the importance of (trading) … is important for our businesses to thrive.”

- Jody Horner, president, Cargill Meat Solutions

    Cargill is supporting the trading center because of the important role commodities trading plays for the success of many companies, Horner said.

    “Educating people about the importance of this activity — and the corresponding risk management/mitigation aspects that help ensure the right goods are available around the world, where and when they are needed — is important for our businesses to thrive in the future,” she said.

    “Wichita has numerous companies that buy and sell internationally,” she said. “There is value in knowing how and why wheat moves from Kansas to other parts of the world, and how clothing, as an example, moves from the Far East to stores in Wichita.”

    Cargill’s trading operations in Wichita include beef, hogs and grain, Horner said. The company has an interest in seeing WSU students get an excellent education in commodities trading.

    “We believe Cargill will thrive only when the communities in which we operate thrive,” she said. “That’s why we support so many organizations and activities in the Wichita area, and why we believe Wichita State is so vital to the region’s future prosperity.

    “Curriculum such as that being developed for the Koch Global Trading Center will continue to differentiate the university from competing colleges, and that bodes well for the future of this region, and WSU,” Horner said.

    Bill Chandler, Cargill’s vice president of risk management for beef, serves on the advisory group that is helping the Barton School establish the trading center. Cargill, which employs more than 1,100 people in Wichita, has been a longtime supporter of Wichita State, funding science and math education efforts such as The Jason Project and Kansas BEST, as well as athletic programs.

    “We’re very fortunate to have Cargill’s expertise as we move forward,” said Rick LeCompte, chairman of the Finance, Real Estate and Decision Sciences Department. “The input of industry participants is vital to creating a learning experience that will give students the real-world skills they need once they graduate.”


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