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Bastian family and Fidelity Bank give $1 million

Members of the Bastian family continue their commitment to Wichita State with a $1 million gift to help build a new home for the Barton School of Business. From left are Clark Bastian, Aaron Bastian and Clay Bastian.
Photo courtesy of Fidelity Bank

In a gift representing their largest philanthropic contribution ever to a single entity, members of the Bastian family have donated $1 million to Wichita State University to support a fundraising campaign to build a new home for the W. Frank Barton School of Business.

The donation is a combined gift from family members as well as the family-owned Fidelity Bank and Fidelity Bank Foundation. It signifies the family’s commitment to Wichita State’s mission to help drive the economy by creating an educational environment fostering entrepreneurship, innovation and applied learning for all students.

“Wichita State played an important role in my education, both in business and in life,” said Clark Bastian, Fidelity Bank CEO and a WSU business school graduate. “This is a special opportunity to ensure that future generations will benefit from real-world educational experiences and meaningful collaboration at the Barton School on the Innovation Campus.”

The Bastian family and Fidelity Bank are regarded as strong community advocates who have launched initiatives such as Bravely Onward and The Chung Report to help inspire civic pride and a renewed commitment to Wichita’s future prosperity.

“Wichita is in need of not only a skilled workforce, but also creative life-long learners equipped to meet the challenges facing our community,” said Clay Bastian, chairman of Fidelity Financial Corporation. “Wichita State University is an essential partner in these endeavors.”

The Bastians have a long history of supporting Wichita State. Marvin and Bobbie Bastian, parents of Clark, Clay and their sister, Christine, endowed several scholarships and support funds during their lifetimes. Marvin Bastian served on the WSU Foundation’s board of directors, as Clark Bastian does today.

“Wichita has always been able to count on WSU to be a catalyst for progress,” said Aaron Bastian, president of Fidelity Bank. “Innovation is valued, encouraged and exhibited on campus every day, and that is an environment worth supporting.”

The gift of $1 million brings to $11.5 million the private funds raised so far for the new facility. Of the projected $50 million cost, half is expected to come from private donations and the remainder from university funds. The project is the top priority of the WSU Foundation’s Shock the World campaign for Wichita State.

“It is through the profound generosity of donors like the Bastian family that Wichita State can meet the educational needs of tomorrow’s students,” said Elizabeth King, WSU Foundation president & CEO. “These esteemed business leaders share our vision of a facility that will help attract and retain high-achieving students and faculty who will support future business growth.”

Once built, the 136,000-square-foot complex will replace Clinton Hall, constructed in 1970, as the home for the Barton School of Business. It will be designed to foster collaboration and interconnectivity among students, faculty and partners in the business community. Plans also call for designating space for companies that want to locate satellite offices there to participate in applied learning opportunities for students.

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If you are interested in learning more about the new home for the W. Frank Barton School of Business, contact Angela Dudley, WSU Foundation senior development director, at 316-978-7837 or

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