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Kansas City's connection to WSU


The WSU Foundation has hired Ashley Cheung as its frst-ever development officer based in Kansas City, home to about 5,000 alumni of Wichita State University. That is the largest concentration of Shockers in the country, outside of the Wichita area.

For Cheung, a good day at work is when she can bring together Shocker alumni who live in the Kansas City area.

Like the time recently when she met with an 87-year-old alumnus who played basketball during his student days. The next day, she met a 34-year-old graduate who also had played basketball. Now a physician working in the Kansas City area, he hopes to meet soon with his fellow alum, who happens to live in the same neighborhood as him.

“People want to be connected and the position I hold is a unique opportunity to help Shockers build their bond based on a common connection to Wichita State,” Cheung says.

Ron Matson &
Ashley Cheung
Ron Matson & Ashley Cheung

“With Ashley in Kansas City, we can engage with many more alumni and friends of Wichita State, discover their stories of how the university made a difference for them and listen to how they would like to benefit the WSU students, faculty and programs of today and tomorrow,” says Mike Lamb, WSU Foundation vice president.

Cheung has launched some programs designed to strengthen the connections between Kansas City alumni and the university.

  • A new quarterly event called Kansas City Shockers Connection brings alumni together to socialize and hear from WSU representatives and administrators. The November event featured Bobby Gandu, director of admissions, who spoke about new enrollment initiatives. The special guest for February was Ron Matson, dean of Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, who spoke about his 48 years at Wichita State.
  • The new Kansas City Alumni Scholarship is funded by KC-area grads to support undergraduate students from the metro area who enroll at Wichita State.
  • Cheung works closely with two Kansas City-based staff members who represent the WSU Admissions Office as they pursue strategies to boost enrollment from the region. About 1,000 WSU students are from the Kansas City area, out of a total enrollment of 15,000.

Before creating the Kansas City position, the WSU Foundation relied on visits by its Wichita staff to connect with alumni in the area.

“This new arrangement is proving to be more efficient,” Lamb says. “In only a few months, we have seen an increase in the number of alumni and donor visits and in the depth of reconnected relationships with the university.”

For more information

If you would like to stay connected in KC, contact Ashley Cheung, WSU development officer, at 316-978-3860 or

Marya McCrae