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Creating destinies: Scholarships help WSU students achieve their dreams

Many of Wichita State’s alumni and other friends make substantial contributions that support scholarships for hundreds of WSU students. On this page, we meet two of those students.

Andrew Pope

Andrew Pope, 21, Hutchinson
Wadsworth Family Student-Athlete Scholarship
Academics: Senior majoring in mechanical engineering
Career Aspirations: I would really enjoy working for a company that is on the forefront of science. I don't know the exact company and field I would want to work in, but my dream job would be to work for Tesla Motors.

Why Wichita State?
First, it has an excellent engineering program. Second, it not only has an incredible track team, but it also invests a lot of time and money in the pole vault competition, which is my event. A lot of schools shy away from pole vault, saying it’s too expensive and dangerous. Finally, I chose WSU because I’m able to stay close to a lot of my friends and my family.

How does the scholarship you receive impact your educational journey?
This scholarship was a tremendous blessing, and could not have come at a better time. I recently got married and this scholarship will allow me to finish my degree and pursue a career that I am passionate about.

Who is your role model or hero?
So many people have influenced my life and made me into the person I am today, yet I think the biggest role model would have to be my dad because he has always been a great example of a what a fun, hardworking and loving father looks like. If I could have dinner with anyone, I would have to say Albert Einstein because I would love to talk about physics and ask him questions that the science community does not currently have answers to.

Sherie Reamy

Sherie Reamy, 41, Wichita
Elaine O. Mann Scholarship in Liberal Arts and Sciences
Academics: Senior majoring in history
Career Aspirations: I would love to go into a graduate program and specialize in Museum Studies and hopefully work for the Denver Museum of Natural History or some other large venue.

Why Wichita State?
I chose Wichita State because it is ever-changing and growing, not only in the classes and degrees offered but also in pushing innovation, technology and taking chances to ensure that WSU keeps pace with the future. WSU not only offers a quality education, it also can guide you in a way that makes you a better leader, a person ready to take on whatever tomorrow throws at you.

How does the scholarship you receive impact your educational journey?
I could not have continued my education without the aid of generous scholarships. As a mother of two young daughters and a husband who is also attending WSU full-time, scholarships like these have such an impact in being able to have the chance to complete my degree and fulfill a dream. We have to account for every dollar spent, which is why we are going to college to better our situation and provide better opportunities for our daughters. These scholarships help in completing degrees, but they ultimately impact a person’s life and all those lives around it for the better.

Who is your role model or hero?
My role model is everyday people working hard to make a difference, or just that one person you met by chance while having a bad day who offered you a smile or a kind word. My role models are the unsung heroes who surround us every day but seldom are seen.


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