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Shock the World Campaign
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Thanks to scholarships, financial limitations won’t derail Abby Landrum’s dreams


Abby Landrum’s life has never been financially easy. The only child of a single mother, she grew up in her grandparents’ home. When her grandfather was laid off from his aircraft company job, he tried going to college to expand his skill set. That didn’t work out, and he’s still paying off student loans. Her grandmother has struggled with addiction to pain medications.

But Abby sees a much brighter future for herself, thanks to an opportunity she’s been given to attend college on a full-ride scholarship through the Give Back Foundation.

“I know that a good education is everything,” says Abby, 18, a freshman who graduated from Wichita South. “And I know how lucky I am to get this scholarship. Without it, I’d be racking up student loan debt and paying it off for years.”

One of the top priorities of the Shock the World Campaign over the next 20 months will be to increase the number of need-based scholarships available to students like Abby. The campaign ends in June 2020.

Because of her scholarship, Abby gets to live on campus in a residence hall and dedicate herself to her studies. “I’m surrounded by smart, influential people who want to be successful and that inspires me to want to be successful. I need to show that this scholarship went to the right person, that I’m going to make something of my life to be deserving of it.” And she recognizes the importance of helping those with financial limitations get a college degree. “I got this scholarship from the Give Back Foundation, and it’s not lost on me that I need to give back, too, when I’m able to do that someday.”