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Planned gifts are valuable to WSU – and to the donors who make them
Planned gifts enhance Wichita State’s ability to give all of our students the best learning experiences possible.

One remarkable figure – 27 percent – illustrates how important planned gifts are to Wichita State University. This is the percentage of all philanthropic funds committed to benefit the university that came from new and realized estate gifts during the most recent fiscal year.

While the financial value of estate gifts is significant, it is the impact on students, faculty and the donors who structure these gift where the real value is found, says Mike Lamb, WSU Foundation vice president.

Mike Lamb
WSU Foundation vice president

This impact was expressed by a recent recipient of the Ralph S. Lightner Scholarship, which was established through an estate gift received many years ago. “It was a big step for me to transition from a community college to a university, but this scholarship lifted some of the financial burden from my shoulders. I couldn’t have done it without this help.”

Recognizing the importance of planned giving to its mission, the WSU Foundation has a comprehensive website to help prospective donors understand the process and the many avenues available to establish a planned gift. The site at also allows visitors to sign up for a free e-newsletter delivered to their inboxes.

“The website is easy to use and helpful, but in the end, it’s all about providing a fulfilling and satisfying way for donors to create meaningful gifts for Wichita State,” Lamb says.

During his 21 years with the WSU Foundation, Lamb has helped hundreds of alumni, donors and friends determine what kind of impact they want to make at WSU.

“Typically, there’s something that is profound in their relationship with the university,” Lamb says. “These are people who had life-changing experiences at Wichita State and they want to honor those memories and make similar experiences available to others through a meaningful estate gift to the university.”

Lamb has been inspired by a comment a planned gift donor made several years ago to him.

“She said, ‘I never realized the privilege and the pleasure of making this kind of gift,’ “he recalls. “We’re helping donors identify students, faculty or programs at the university they want to support in a way that’s meaningful for the recipients and fulfilling for the donors.”

Visit to learn more about the versatile ways to establish a planned gift.
The site also offers up-to-date financial news. Or call Mike Lamb at 316-978-3804 to get more information.