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WSU helped Lane Smith see his potential. He hopes to do the same for future students.

Lane Smith has enjoyed his college experience so much he never wants to leave Wichita State. That may be overstating it a bit, but Smith is hoping he’ll eventually return to WSU, working to convince other students to enroll here.

“I want others to have the same kind of experience I’m having at Wichita State,” says Smith, a business management major who will graduate in December. “I’ve grown so much and learned so much about myself, that I feel much better equipped to succeed when I graduate.”

Smith also is grateful to Wichita State for helping him secure the financial aid he needs to afford college, including the Gerald Pike Scholarship for Rural Students. A native of Winfield, Smith grew up in a blue-collar family where funds were tight. He is the first in his family to attend college.

“Between my scholarship and Pell grant, that covers about 80 percent of my tuition and fees. It’s a big deal,” Smith says.

He’s made the most of his college life, serving one year in the Student Government Association, joining Beta Theta Pi fraternity and volunteering the past three years with the Student Ambassadors Society.

“I knew I wanted to use this time as wisely as possible, to get involved in activities that would provide networking opportunities and leadership roles,” Smith says. “I wanted to do what I could to become more marketable after graduation.”

He’s worked for three years in the WSU Admissions Office, where he’s been able to learn about Wichita State’s student recruiting strategies. He would like to assist in that effort as a recruiter someday, after first earning an MBA.

Affording his education will always be a challenge, Smith admits. Even though he works part-time and receives financial aid, he has had to take out thousands of dollars in student loans, making him even more aware of the need for scholarships to help students attend WSU.