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June 9 is Giving WU-Day, a special opportunity to champion Wichita State

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Priceless. That’s how Ron Matson, dean of Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Wichita State, describes the financial assistance his college gets from the WSU Foundation’s Annual Fund for Excellence campaign.

“All the Annual Fund money becomes discretionary spending for the dean of each college,” Matson says. “Given budget constraints, discretionary spending is worth 10 times the actual dollar amount because of the flexibility it gives us. We can use the funds where we need them most.”

On June 9, the WSU Foundation will try to generate a boost in these important funds with Giving WU-Day, a special one-day appeal to alumni, friends and other supporters to donate to the Annual Fund that day. An email describing how the Annual Fund benefits WSU will be distributed, with information on ways to show support.

“We’d love to raise money to help us meet our end-of-year goal, but we’re also looking at this as a way for people to champion WSU in some way,” says Aaron Winter, senior director of annual giving for the WSU Foundation. “Maybe it’s by donating, or maybe it’s just tweeting your support, helping a young person understand what WSU has to offer or wearing your black and yellow.”

As the end of fiscal 2017 approaches on June 30, the Annual Fund is working hard to achieve its fundraising goal. So far, the campaign is ahead of fiscal 2016 in both dollars and number of people contributing, Winter says.

“Wichita State’s donors are proud and generous,” he says. “I’m confident they’ll step forward on Giving WU-Day to take us much closer to our year-end goal.”

WSU’s deans make their spending plans for the next school year based in part on how much they receive from the Annual Fund, so they eagerly anticipate learning the results of the Annual Fund campaign each year.

Funds typically are used to help students and faculty take advantage of opportunities that enhance the college experience or help them excel. For example, past funds have supported the WSU Writing Center, which provides assistance and tutoring to students. They also have provided scholarships for study abroad, sent students and faculty to academic conferences, and helped students participate in serving-learning projects that benefit both the students and community organizations.

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If you would like to learn more about Giving Wu-Day, please call Aaron Winter, senior director for annual giving, at 316-978-3803 or

Aaron Winter