WSU Foundation’s Patsy Selby honored with CFO Award

Patsy Selby
Photo by Gavin Peters
Patsy Selby, WSU Foundation vice president for finance and administrative services, will be honored at the Wichita Business Journal 2011 CFO Awards June 16.

In honor of the work she does at the WSU Foundation, Patsy Selby, vice president for finance and administrative services, will be a recipient of the Wichita Business Journal 2011 CFO Awards at a luncheon June 16 at the Hyatt Regency Wichita.

Selby is one of 11 local CFOs selected from more than 100 nominees. She has been at the WSU Foundation for 11 years.

“Patsy has extraordinary professionalism,” said Elizabeth King, WSU Foundation president and CEO. “Our organization is substantially stronger because of her knowledge and leadership.”

Selby and her staff are responsible for more than 175,000 records in the WSU Foundation’s database and Selby has created systems to ensure that our reporting from those records is accurate, especially through a change in software a few years ago. She also is the liaison with the WSU Foundation investment consultant and is a voting member on the WSU Foundation Investment Committee. Selby manages more than 1,100 individual endowed funds and more than $200 million in assets.

Selby attributes her recognition to the support of her staff and management.

The second annual awards is being sponsored by Kennedy and Coe LLC and the University of Phoenix.

“Our financial records are above reproach, our donors trust our processes and I rely on Patsy for input and guidance,” said King. “Patsy lives the WSU Foundation’s core values each and every day.”

There will be more information about Selby and the other honorees in a special Wichita Business Journal insert to be published June 17.



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