Annual fund surpasses individual college, fiscal year goals

Annual Fund callers

Thanks to the support of Wichita State alumni, the student callers for the WSU Foundation Annual Fund for Excellence raised more than $445,000 for WSU’s six academic colleges and University Libraries.

While the rough economy would likely be a deterrent for many to give, alumni of Wichita State University helped the WSU Foundation Annual Fund for Excellence exceed its overall fundraising goal of $445,000. To also surpass the individual goals of WSU’s six colleges was the cherry on top.

“Thanks to the student callers’ hard work and the donors’ generosity, we are able to give the six colleges and university libraries much-needed funds that will be used this upcoming school year,” said Krista Voth, WSU Foundation director of annual fund. “Our team of student callers did an amazing job this year, but none of this would have been possible without our alumni.

“We appreciate all of our alumni who answer the call. It means so much for our student callers to be supported by alumni through their conversations, advice and monetary gifts.”

Student callers for the annual fund contact more than 50,000 alumni throughout the school year to raise unrestricted money that is important to WSU’s University Libraries and six academic colleges, including the Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

“The money raised through the annual fund has been and continues to be a great support,” said Bill Bischoff, WSU dean of the Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. “In a time when state funding is limited, these funds give us the means to allow for faculty- and student- travel to conferences to enhance professional development and education, purchase an important piece of equipment or computers for experiments and research, and host guest speakers who address today’s important issues.”    

For more information about the Annual Fund for Excellence, please contact Voth at or (316) 978-3819. To give online to annual fund, visit and click “Donate.”


Annual Fund Callers for Fiscal Year 2011: Aileen Archiopoli, Brian Beachum, Gray Brand, Asza Davison, Stephanie Davison, Eston Dilworth, Cori Gonzales, Emily Hales, Casi Herman, Madison Hirt, training supervisor; Garrett Newman, Jaci Pottberg, student supervisor; and Chris Ronen, training supervisor

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