Love of music passed onto others through Beverly Coldsnow Hutton Scholarship spreading her love


Beverly Coldsnow Hutton sitting at her piano
Beverly Coldsnow Hutton ’49, ’75 has spent much of her life dedicated to teaching others the joy of music. Now she has a scholarship in her name for others to share her musical passion.


Beverly Hutton has spent much of her life dedicated to helping others through her love of music.

As a child, Hutton remembers listening to her mother playing the piano as she lie awake in bed at night.

“I loved every piece that she played, and I told myself, ‘I will play that someday,’” she said.

After “flying through the beginner books,” Hutton said she was hooked. By the time she was a sophomore at Wichita East High School,
she was teaching younger children piano lessons.

“My goal was always to be a music teacher because I felt it was an important discipline for children of any age,” she said. “After my first two years at U of W, I loved it,” Hutton said. “I was involved in Mu Phi Epsilon, Alpha Tau Sigma and had dozens of friends. I liked my professors in the school of music and felt as if I couldn’t do any better anywhere else. It was perfect for me!”

After graduating with her Bachelor of Music Education in 1949, Hutton immediately began sharing her passion for music. Whether it be the church choir, piano lessons out of her home or playing the organ at church, Hutton was sharing her love of music.

In 1955, Hutton started the choir at Dawson United Methodist Church in Wichita. Although she still occasionally directs, she formally gave up her position after 50 years. Her reason for leaving?

“I didn’t want to be that ‘old lady that we can’t get rid of!’” she said.

During her stint as the choir director, Hutton began teaching vocal music at Oaklawn Elementary School, part of the Derby School District. She also returned to Wichita State and received her Master of Music Education in 1975.

Although Hutton has since retired from teaching at Oaklawn, she currently serves as the pianist at Dawson United Methodist
Church, sings in the choir and substitutes, when needed, for the current choir director, who is a former student of Hutton’s.

Hutton’s three children established a scholarship in her name this year: the Beverly Coldsnow Hutton Scholarship. In the November online Horizon, we’ll continue this story from her children’s perspective 

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