FY11 Honor Roll of Donors

Fairmount Society

The Fairmount Society is Wichita State University’s most distinguished support group. The Fairmount Society Lifetime Achievement Members, those whose total outright giving exceeds $1 million, is the university’s top tier of donors. The Lifetime Distinction level was created in 2011 to recognize donors giving $500,000 to $999,999 during their lifetimes. Lifetime membership in the Fairmount Society is extended to those contributing $200,000 to $499,999 in a lifetime. Annual members gave a minimum of $20,000 during fiscal year 2011. Fairmount Society members are included in the President’s Club. Associate status is given to corporations, businesses and foundations.

Fairmount Society Lifetime Achievement Members

Mildred Abercrombie
Mickey Armstrong
Patsy Barton
Joan Beren
Elgeva I. Bomhoff Estate and H. Russell Bomhoff
Dan and Gayla Carney
Tom and Myra Devlin
Barry and Paula Downing
Joan Eck
Bob and Maura Geist
Sam and Jacque Kouri
Howard and Rose Marcus
Charley Oswald
Lee Riley
Dan and Kate Taylor
Velma Wallace

Fairmount Society Lifetime Achievement Associates

W. Frank Barton Trust
Sam & Rie Bloomfield Foundation
The Boeing Company
Bombardier Learjet Inc.
James & Catherine Buck Charitable Trust
Cerebral Palsy Research Foundation of Kansas
Cessna Aircraft Company
Cessna Foundation Inc.
Cisco Systems Inc.
Delta Dental of Kansas
Delta Dental of Kansas Foundation
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
William Graham Charitable Trust
IBM Corporation Intrust Bank of Wichita
Kansas Health Foundation
John S. & James L. Knight Foundation
Koch Industries Inc.
Pepsi Bottling Group
Preferred Health Systems Inc.
Wichita Community Foundation

Fairmount Society Lifetime Distinction Members

George and Virginia Ablah
Hap Bledsoe
Bill and Dorothy Cohen
Jean Garvey
Curt Gridley and Tracy Hoover
Dee and Joan Hubbard
Fran and Geri Jabara
Emylou Keith
Charles and Liz Koch
William Levine and Diana Kitch
Jim and Lorraine Mann
Shannon Michaud
Dean Rickman
Les and Susie Rudd
Barry and Cindy Schwan
Ralph and Sue Vautravers
Donald Walenta
Kathleen Walsh

Fairmount Society Lifetime Distinction Associates

Virginia H. Farah Foundation
Oral Health Kansas Inc.
Spirit AeroSystems Inc.
Via Christi Health
Wesley Medical Center
Flossie E. West Memorial Trust
Wichita Symphony Society
K.T. Wiedemann Foundation Inc.

Fairmount Society Life Members

Jerry and Jan Aaron
Buck and Gladys Alley
Bob and Darlene Anderson
Thornton Anderson
Jean Angle
Bill and Donna Ard
Patty Arst
Marvin and Barbara Autry
Bob and Sharon Bailey
Peter Bakwin
Don and Lora Barry
Craig Barton
Larry Beamer and Debbie Haynes
Don and Shirley Beggs
Allen Boge
Jeanette Bolene
Max Bolene
David Bradbury
Benjamin Breeding
Jon and Kelly Callen
Frank and Jane Carney
Zenda Carney
Georgia Chandler
Steve and Becky Clark
Eleanor Clinton
Sheldon and Kathy Coleman
Jamie Coulter
Sue Cressler
Mont and Georgia Draper
Dennis and Orpha Duell
Les and Pam Eck
Dee Anne Fahnestock
George and Brenda Farha
Dana Fleming
Larry Fleming
Dan Foley
Larry and Dana Fugate
Justus Fugate
Tom and Kyle Futo
Jody and Stella Galichia
Kathy Galichia
Shirley Garvey
Vee Gordon
Andy and Leah Gore
Dot Hauck
Brian and Joy Heinrichs
Jim and Sally Hershberger
Jeri Hinkle
Larree Jackman
Randy and Shirley Johnson
Anita Jones
Ruby Kaelson-Pike
True and Elizabeth Knowles
Ronn and Linda Lytle
Ron and Barbara Mann
Jerry and Dale Marcus
Tom and Nancy Martin
John and Barbara McCune
Marie Miles
Bill and Shelly Moore
John and Kay Morse
David and Janet Murfin
Howard and Lana Nordyke
Bill and Mary Lynn Oliver
John and Renee Osborne
Barbara Osborne
Stev Overstreet
Marge Page
Ron and Jenny Paulseen
Christine Paulsen-Polk*
Ron and Claudia Perelman
Jerry Rathbone*
Geney Reed
Dennis and Ann Ross
Don Sbarra
Bob Schutte
Jack See
Carolyn Skaer
Jo Ann Skillett
Grant Stannard
Nadine Stannard
Don and Lynn Stephan
Paul and Pegi Stephenson
Linda Tyler
Ken and Louise Wagnon
Klee and Jennifer Watchous

*deceased during FY11

Fairmount Society Life Associates

Albert Abercrombie Revocable Trust
Allen Gibbs & Houlik LC
Ametek Inc.
Bank of America
BG Products Inc.
Bradbury Company Inc.
S.M. & L.H. Brown Charitable Trust
Capitol Federal Foundation
Cargill Meat Solutions
Corporation Clark Investment Group
Clark Real Estate & Investment Company
Coleman Company Inc.
Coleman Foundation Inc.
Commerce Bank N A (Wichita)
Conco Inc.
Cox Communications
Davis-Moore Auto Group
Electromech Technologies
Elmo Lodge of Perfection
Emprise Bank
Gordon W. Evans Charitable Trust
Fahnestock Plumbing HVAC & Electric
Fidelity Bank Charities
Fleeson Gooing Coulson & Kitch
Grant Thornton LLP
Dane G. Hansen Foundation
Frank & Betty Hedrick Foundation
House of Schwan
Fran Jabara Family Foundation
Walter S. & Evan C. Jones Testamentary Trust
Kansas Scottish Rite Foundation
Fred C. & Mary R. Koch Foundation
LSI Corporation
Meritrust Credit Union
Midwest Corporate Aviation Inc.
Midwest Plastics Supply Inc.
Victor Murdock Foundation
Murfin Drilling Company
National Plastics Color Inc.
Oatman Family Charitable Fund
Pizza Hut Inc.
Rand Graphics Inc.
Price R. & Flora A. Reid Foundation
Rudd Foundation
Rusty Eck Ford Inc.
SBC Communications Inc.
Standard Beverage Corporation
George E. & Blanche Sterling Scholarship Trust
Sullivan Higdon & Sink Inc.
Lois Ruth Swan Trust
Toyota USA Foundation
Walter Morris Companies
Westar Energy
Wichita Eagle
Wichita Scottish Rite Charitable Trust
Elva Lea Wise Trust

Fairmount Society Annual Members

Jerry & Jan Aaron
Buck & Gladys Alley
Bob & Darlene Anderson
Thornton Anderson
Bill & Donna Ard
Mickey Armstrong
Charles & Sue Bair
Don & Lora Barry
Craig Barton
Larry Beamer & Debbie Haynes
Mike Beatty & Mary Nell Beatty
Doug & Nancy Blackman
Casey & Abbie Blake
Hap Bledsoe
Allen Boge
Elgeva I. Bomhoff Estate & H. Russell Bomhoff
Virgil & Elaine Brady
Timothy & Gail Buckley
Jon & Kelly Callen
Dan & Gayla Carney
Steve & Becky Clark
Bill & Dorothy Cohen
Bruce & Sarah Cooper
Jamie Coulter
Tom & Myra Devlin
Barry & Paula Downing
Darren Dreifort
Jack Focht & Gloria Farha Flentje
Hugh & Pat Forrest
Brauch & Judy Fugate
Justus Fugate
Bob & Maura Geist
Howard Greenburg
Curt Gridley & Tracy Hoover
Michael Heaston
Mike & Linda Howell
Randy & Shirley Johnson
Anita Jones
True & Elizabeth Knowles
Charles & Liz Koch
Sam & Jacque Kouri
Todd & Julie Lair
Elliot & Chonci Lekawa
Dale & Debbie Maltbie
Jim & Lorraine Mann
Ron & Barbara Mann
Jane McHugh
David & Rynthia Mitchell
Bill & Shelly Moore
David & Janet Murfin
Eric & Tracy Namee
Robert & Ann O'Bleness
Harry Pollak
Geney Reed
Jim & Beverly Rhatigan
Lee Riley Les & Susie Rudd
Edwin & Maggie* Sawan
Barry & Cindy Schwan
Jack See
Duane Shook
Dave & Jennifer Sieverling
Jo Sieverling
Darryl & Kathryn Smette
Dean & Rebecca Smith
Dick Smith & Sondra Langel
Joyce Smith
Grant Stannard
Paul & Pegi Stephenson
Sean & Natalie Tarbell
Dan & Kate Taylor
Ralph & Sue Vautravers
Velma Wallace
Klee & Jennifer Watchous
Bob & Patricia White

Fairmount Society Annual Associates

Armour Foundation Inc.
Sam & Rie Bloomfield Foundation
The Boeing Company
Boge Iron & Metal Co. Inc.
Bombardier Learjet Inc.
S.M. & L.H. Brown Charitable Trust
Buckley Industries Inc.
Lucille Campion Charitable Remainder Unitrust
Capitol Federal Foundation
Cessna Aircraft Company
Cox Communications
Delta Dental of Kansas
Delta Dental of Kansas Foundation
Doris M. Everitt Trust
Exacta Aerospace Inc.
Fahnestock Plumbing HVAC & Electric
Fidelity Bank Charities
Hawker Beechcraft Corporation
House of Schwan
Intrust Bank of Wichita
Estate of Frances L. Jew
Walter S. & Evan C. Jones Testamentary Trust
Robert L. Kasha Estate
Estate of Lee S. Kavanaugh
John S. & James L. Knight Foundation
Koch Companies Public Sector LLC
LS Industries Inc.
Meritrust Credit Union
MGH Consulting Inc.
Midwest Plastics Supply Inc.
Mitchell & Richards CPA's
MTS Systems Corporation
Murfin Drilling Company
Pepsi Bottling Group
PH Property LLC
Preferred Health Systems Inc.
Schwab Charitable Fund
Security 1st Title
Richard D. Smith Revocable Trust
Spirit AeroSystems Inc.
John J. Stucky Estate
Sullivan Higdon & Sink Inc.
The Sunderland Foundation
Lois Ruth Swan Trust
Via Christi Health
Estate of Ann Wallace
Flossie E. West Memorial Trust
Wichita Community Foundation
Wichita Independent Business Association
Wichita Scottish Rite Charitable Trust
Wichita State Phi's Educational Foundation
Elva Lea Wise Trust
Women of Wichita Charitable Foundation

President’s Club

Lifetime membership is extended to donors contributing $100,000 to $199,999 in a lifetime. Annual members gave $3,500 to $19,999 during fiscal year 2011. Associate status is given to corporations, businesses and foundations.

President's Club Life Members

David Aguilera
Alex Ammar and Pamela Clancy Ammar
Dave and Susie Anderson
Larry and Sally Arbuckle
Joan Armstrong
Jean Bachus*
Shane and Becky Bayless
Mike and Mary Nell Beatty
Robert and Jennie Becker
Bill and Patty Bennett
Louise Beren
Marian Beren
Fred and Sue Berry
Hank Betzer
Doug and Nancy Blackman
Murry and Diane Blackwelder
Casey Blake
Jerry Blue
Dick Boushka Joan Boushka
James and Corkey Boyd
Harold* and Mary Brammer
Stan and Sue Brannan
Ken and Sherrie Brasted
Charlotte Brown
Ronald and Jerry Brown
Charles Brungardt
Janet Buckley
Timothy and Gail Buckley
Robert and Martha Buford
W.H. Burch
Edward Burns
Martin and Jennie Bush
Wilson and Roz Cadman
Earl and Karol Callison
Merleyn Calvin
Helen Canzoneri*
Joe and Diana Carter
Beverly Cash
Betty Christian
Diane Cline
Jerry and Catherine Cohlmia
Ray and Elaine Cook
Mary Cooms
Josephine Cornejo
Martha Crum*
Paul and Mary Jane Curry
Dick and Mary Dameron
Bill Darling
Mike and Sammie Dart
Jack and Marilyn DeBoer
Larry Doskocil
Darren and Krystal Dreifort
Martin and Melodee Eby
Charles Evenson
Leilah Farha
Alan and Sharon Fearey
Ed and Kathryn Field
Jack Focht and Gloria Farha Flentje
Joan Fromm
Larry and Jan Frutiger
Ramona Gambone
Gary Gamm
Ann E. Garvey
John and Jinny Garvey
Marc and Sheri Gorges
Vincent and Iveagh Gott
Putnam and Rhoda Haddox
Bradford Hall
Sam and Vivian Hardage
L.C. and Connie Harmon
Paul and Carolyn Harrison
Wink and Libba Hartman
Marilyn Hartmann*
Gary and Marilyn Hay
Mary Herrin
Al and Judy Higdon
Wayne and Pat Hilburn
Beverly Hoover
Charlotte Howard
Robert and Connie Howard
Robert and Joanne Howard
Orvie Howell
Lois Hubbard
Bob and Laurie Hughey
Jay Hull
Jo Hurley
Barbara Huston
Bud and Pat Johnson
Dave and Billie Johnson
Sheldon and Janice Kamen
Bob and Marjorie Kantor
Gene Kaufman* and Linda Constable
Fritz and Phyllis Kessler
Don and Elizabeth King
Randy King
Delmar and Mary Klocke
Herb and Kathy Krumsick
Bob and Carolyn Langenwalter
Gwen Lightner
Joe and Sharon Lin
Bob and Joan Long
John and Diane Lovitt
Roger and Irene Lowe
Leon and Karen Lungwitz
Anita Lusk*
Tony and Miriam Madrigal
Roger and Shirley Mason
Phil May
Garald and Karen McDougall
Jane McHugh
JoAnn McKinley
Sid and Dixie McKinley
Elbie and Phyllis McNeil
Margaret Merrell
Gus and Marilyn Messinger
Jayne Milburn
Ken and Paula Miller
Nancy Millett
David and Rynthia Mitchell
Christopher Moeller
David and Terri Moses
Betty Mull
Betty Murfin
John and Elsie Naftzger
Eric and Tracy Namee
Phil and Sharon Neff
Edward and Sandra Neustadter
Bernie and Alberta Nichols
Joe and Barbara Norton
Paul Nye
David and Laverna Nygaard
Robert and Ann O'Bleness
Larry Payne
Douglas and Diane Penner
Martin and Donna Perline
Bruce and Connie Peterman
Sherry Phillips
Mike and Susan Pompeo
Will and Kristin Price
Pauline Rakaskas*
Sam and Lindsey Ramey
Jim and Beverly Rhatigan
Edie Rickey
Barbara Ritchie
Scott and Carol Ritchie
Diane Roberts
Margaret Roberts*
Jim Robinson
Hal and Mary Ross
Pat and Betty Rowley
Francoise Salk
Marie Sampson
Trinie Sanchez-Gietzen*
Sue Sandberg
Colby Sandlian
Genevieve Sandlian
Edwin and Maggie* Sawan
Fred and Toba Schnyder
Larry and Carol Schoenfeld
Bruce and Linda Schreck
Bill and Jennifer Scofield
Stan and Rosalind Scudder
C.W. and Dixie Sebits
Denny and Erlene Senseney
Chris Shank and Anna Anderson
Dwayne and Dottie Shannon
Doug Sharp*
Kent and Marty Shawver
Jack and Pat Shelton
Bob Shields and Deborah Brian
Les and Carolyn Sims
Vaughn and Patricia Sink
Don and Judith Slawson
Dean and Rebecca Smith
Dick Smith and Sondra Langel
Wendell and Jan Smith
Stephen and Ann Starch
Paul and Cynthia Stein
Mary Sternberg
Mike Steven
James and Ann Stevens
Johnny and Margie Stevens
Marni Stevens
Irmgard Street
Jim and Barb Stucky
Leonard and Betty Sullivan
Ronald and Coralyn Summers
Gilbert Tatman
Jackie Tatman
Frances Trapp
Jeff and Rhonda Turner
Gloria Tuttle*
Lee Underhill
David Urie and Patricia Ames-Urie
Byrne and Rebecca Vickers
Susan Vickers
Richard and Sue Volk
Jewell Walcher
Ann Wallace*
Jake and Donna Waller
Alan and Roberta Whetzel
Bob and Patricia White
Chris White
John White
Dale and Alice Wiggins
Howard Wilkins Jr.
Carol Wilson
Floyd Wilson
Stan* and Patsy Wisdom
Doug and Sheryl Wohlford
Larry and Kelly Womack

*deceased during FY11

President's Club Life Associates

Advanced Orthopaedic Associates
American Bowling Congress
American Honda Foundation
The Annie Foundation, Ann E. Garvey
Apple Computer Inc.
Associated Integrated Marketing
Barton Charitable Foundation Inc.
Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.
S.O. Beren Foundation
Boge Iron & Metal Co. Inc.
Bomhoff Enterprises LC
Boyer Educational Trust
Buckley Industries Inc.
Capital Enterprises Inc.
Charitable Foundation Inc.
Chisholm Enterprises Inc.
Coleman Employees Community Fund
Consolidated Investment Group
Coonrod & Associates Construction Company
Cornejo & Sons Inc.
Coulter Enterprises
Cloud L. Cray Foundation
Dealers Leasing Inc.
Delta Gamma Foundation
Don Hattan Chevrolet
Dondlinger & Sons Construction
Doskocil Family Foundation
Electric Power Research Institute
Ernst & Young
Fidelity Bank
Foulston Siefkin LLP
Fugate Enterprises
Galichia Medical Group PA
Gannett Foundation
Garvey Inc.
General Distributors Inc.
Arthur W. Gibson Trust
Glickman Oil Company
Goebel Family - Star Lumber Foundation
Gorges & Company
Haddock Computer Centers
Heartspring Hesston Foundation Inc.
R. Dee & Joan Dale Hubbard Foundation
Professor Fran & Geri Jabara Fund For Education Inc.
J.H. Emerson Company
Estate of Lee S. Kavanaugh
Kamen Inc.
Kansas Association of Realtors
Kansas Cultural Trust Kessler Foundation Inc.
KPMG Peat Marwick Foundation
Forrest C. Lattner Foundation
The Law Company
Madrigal & Associates Inc.
Martin K. Eby Construction Company
Martin Pringle Oliver Wallace & Bauer LLP
Eugene & Roberta Marts Living Trust
Maverick Development Corporation
Medical Society of Sedgwick County
Metal-Fab Inc.
Mid-Kansas Jewish Federation Inc.
Midwest Grain Products
Lewis & Selma Miller Trust Fund
Misco Charitable Trust
Mitchell & Richards CPA's
Morris Laing Evans Brock & Kennedy
MTS Systems Corporation
National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Oneok Foundation Inc.
Page Foundation
Pizza Hut of America Inc.
Presser Foundation Printing Inc.
Range Oil Company
Ethel & Raymond Rice Foundation
Ritchie Corporation
Ronald McDonald Children's Charities
Paul Ross Charitable Foundation
Rotary International District #560
Safelite Glass Corporation
SBC Foundation
Schaefer Johnson Cox Frey Architecture
Schwab Charitable Fund
Sheplers Inc.
Slawson Companies Inc.
Soroptimist International of Wichita
Southwest National Bank
Star Lumber & Supply Company
Stephan Advertising Agency Inc.
Steven Motor Group
Tallgrass Country Club
TGT Petroleum Corporation
Trio Machine Inc.
Tri-Valley Community Foundation
United Methodist Health Ministry Fund
United Way of the Plains
UBS Financial Services Inc.
Estate of Ann Wallace
Lois K. Walls Foundation Trust
Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts
Wheeler Kelly & Hagny Investment Co.
Wichita Area Association of Realtors
Wichita Business Journal
Williams Companies Foundation Inc.
World Trade Council of Wichita Inc.

President’s Club Annual Members

Carlos & Julie-Ellen Acosta
Gregory Adams
Alex Ammar & Pamela Clancy Ammar
Raymond & Nancy Amos
Dave & Susie Anderson
Larry & Sally Arbuckle
David & Shelley Armagost
Gary Armstrong
Marvin & Barbara Autry
Ted & Marcia Ayres
Steven Bahm
Bob & Sharon Bailey
Wilbur & Billie Baird
John & Martha Baker
Clark & Sharon Bastian
Roy & Patricia Beckemeyer
Don & Shirley Beggs
Arlene Behring
Brett Bell
Joan Beren
Marijean Berg
Dave & Carolyn Blakemore
Daniel & Mary Blasi
Craig & Marilyn Boehning
Don & Dianne Bolain
Steve & Kris Boleski
Mark & Elizabeth Bolt
Bob & T Borresen
David Bradbury
Bill Bradshaw
Ken & Trish Brasted
Charlotte Brown
John Brown
Richard Brown
Ronald & Jerry Brown
Charles Brungardt
Linus Brungardt
Chris Brunner & Sonia Greteman
David & Marty Bryan
Ellen Burmeister
Mike & Kathy Burrus
Richard & Mary Burton
Dennis & Debie Bush
Wilson & Roz Cadman
Richard & Debra Campbell
Gus & Mary Campuzano
Rigby & Mary Carey
John & Cindy Carnahan
Mary Jane Chambers
Linda & Mehdi Charmchizadeh
Robert & Dawn Chisholm
Charlie & Cindy Claycomb
Fred & Myrna Clayton
K.C. & Cari Clayton
Diane Cline
Kim & Crystal Cocklin
Jerry & Catherine Cohlmia
Sam Cohlmia
Herbert & Yvonne Coin
Jeannette Coldiron
Dennis & Linda Coley
Gary & Nancy Conover
Josh Cooper
Terry & Julie Cornett
Bill Cox
Art & Teresa Craig
Kerry & Merci Crisp
Jim Crowe
Lloyd & Della Curtis
Dick & Mary Dameron
Bill Darling
Mike & Sammie Dart
Art Davis & Robin Van Huss
Margaret & Todd Dechant
Jeff & Kelley DeGraffenreid
Frank & Catherine DeSocio
L.D. & Linda Detienne
Ron & Christine DeWeese
Denis & Shirley Dieker
Sue & John Dieker
Richard & Kim Dinkel
Mike & Diane Dixon
Thomas & Jill Docking
Stephen & Sharon Domann
Tony & Cathy Durano
Les & Pam Eck
Leslie & Brian Eidem
Randy & Margaret Ellenz
Larry & Jean Elliott
Phillip Enegren & Linda Weir-Enegren
Mark & Deborah Eveans
Vic & Junetta Everett
George & Brenda Farha
Leilah Farha
Ginger Farney
Shawn Farney
Alan & Sharon Fearey
Steve & Regine Feilmeier
Ed & Kathryn Field
Steven & Peggy Frankamp
Knute & Judy Fraser
Terry & Robbie Freund
Joan Fromm
Larry & Jan Frutiger
Larry & Dana Fugate
Tom & Kyle Futo
Jay & Helen Galloway
Shirley Garvey
Mike & Cindy Gatewood
Aleta Gile
Donald Girrens
Jean Girrens
Bill & Kathy Glasco
Jim & Marcia Goentzel
Marc & Sheri Gorges
Dennis & Jelene Grady
Michael & Jacquelyn Grant
Jim & Carolyn Grier
Allan & Heather Grohe
Daniel & Angela Gutierrez
Bob & Maribeth Gutschenritter
Stanley & Judith Guyer
Larry & Tina Hacker
Peter & Kim Hagan
William & Judi Haggar
Brad & Cathy Hall
Bill & Pam Hamrick
Bryan & Cindy Hanning
Gary & Debbie Hardman
Joe & Harriet Harris
Kelly & Tanja Harrison
Paul & Carolyn Harrison
Dot Hauck
Donna Hawley & Fred Wolfe
Gary & Marilyn Hay
Brent Haynes
Edward & Helen Healy
Chris & Susan Hearn
James & Pamela Hedden
Brian & Joy Heinrichs
Douglas & Janie Hensler
Shelli Herman
Mary Herrin
Al & Judy Higdon
Edward Hill
Chip Hobson
Jack Hollingsworth
Ann Homburger
Dick Honeyman & Bonnie Bing Honeyman
Daniel & Martha Housholder
Jerry Howell & Joan Loehr
John & Sally Hudnall
Bob & Laurie Hughey
Joseph & Marilyn Hughey
Gil Hurley
Jo Hurley
Kenneth & Michelle Hush
Gene & Jo Ann Hutto
Mark & Mary Hutton
Susan Hutton
Donald & Pat Hysko
Richard & Sharon Iorio
Rex & Denise Irwin
Michael Isaacs & Lauri Wedel-Isaacs
Brett & Monica Johnson
Bud & Pat Johnson
David & Gayle Johnson
Jeff & Corey Johnson
Joe Johnson
Kenneth & Sharon Johnson
Gary Jost & Janet Cusick Jost Bennie
Keckler Fritz & Phyllis Kessler
Donald & Marilyn Killian
Richard & Jackie Kincaid
Don & Elizabeth King
Bob & Pam Kirtley
Delmar & Mary Klocke
Ivan & Martha Knudsen
Pat Ann Konecny
Elise Kopczick
Herb & Kathy Krumsick
J & Christine Kubik
John & Loralee Kuenneth
Karilyn Kuhns
Howard & Diane Lachenmayr
Nelson & Bette Ladd
Mike & Susan Lamb
Doug Lampton
Marvin & Sheila Lampton
Bob & Diana Lane
Mike & Lynne Lanning
Mike & Amy Lansing
Thomas & Carla Lasater
Kenneth & Lily Laws
Lance & Della Lickteig
Edward & Marguerite Lincoln
Curt & Cheryl Lindeman
Mike & Lynn Loveland
Bill & Debra Lucas
Ed & April Lucas
Michaela Luethye
Nolan & Vicki Luke
Leon & Karen Lungwitz
Anita Lusk*
Deborah & Martin Lynch
Tony & Miriam Madrigal
Christopher & Michelle Majors
Mike & Jeanine Maloney
Howard & Rose Marcus
Jerry & Dale Marcus
Jon & Sheryl Markwell
Jerry Martin
Tom & Nancy Martin
David & Patsy May
Phil May
Bob & Barbara McCalla
Roger McCoy & Kathy Gann-McCoy
John & Barbara McCune
Mark & Carolyn McGinn
Ernee McGuire
Verlon & Julia McKay
Brad & Phyllis McKibbin
Brian McLeod
Brian & Teresa McNeil
Elbie & Phyllis McNeil
Pat & Cori Meares
Jo Anne Megill
Gregory & Diane Meitner
Steven & Julie Mellinger
Denise Meredith
Mike & Dee Michaelis
Jayne Milburn
Belden & Anna Mills
Christopher Moeller
Michael Monteferrante
John & Kay Morse
David & Terri Moses
Brenton Myers
Roger & Verna Nelson
Bernie & Alberta Nichols
Lynn & Sherry Nichols
Howard & Lana Nordyke
David & Laverna Nygaard
T.D. O'Connell
Bill & Mary Lynn Oliver
Jane Olson
Nick & Susan Onofrio
Godwin & Margaret Opara
John & Renee Osborne
Stev Overstreet
Dwight & Patricia Oxley
Marge Page
Susan & Stewart Palmer
Martin & Cynthia Park
Gary & Karman Parker
Todd Parker
Mark & Stacy Parkinson
Ken & Marilyn Pauly
Dan Peare
Jack & Rose Pelton
Martin & Donna Perline
Jerry & Cheryl Peterie
Randy & Alisa Phillips
Sherry Phillips
George Platt
Anthony Pollock
Mike & Susan Pompeo
Kirk Postier
Joe & Sue Poston
Shane & Kianne Prill
Lucynda Raben
Sid & Madeline Raile
Kent & Denise Richards
Scott & Carol Ritchie
Dale & Cindy Roach
Richard & Kelly Roberts
Nate & Kristin Robertson
David & Barbara Rolph
Steven Rospond
Dennis & Ann Ross
Charlie & Gloria Russell
Colby Sandlian
David & Susan Saidian
Joaquin & Margaret Santos
Alvin & Rosa Lee Sarachek
Reuben Saunders
Bruce & Linda Schreck
Bob Schutte
Bill & Jennifer Scofield
Greg & Janalee Seiwert
Tony & Christine Sementelli
Eric & Kathy Sexton
Linwood Sexton
Dan & Toni Shadid
Al & Donna Shank
Chris Shank & Anna Anderson
Dwayne & Dottie Shannon
Gerald & Beverly Shea
Bob Shields & Deborah Brian
Craig Schultz
Donald Siedhoff & Ruthanne Timm-Siedhoff
Dolores Siggs
Bill & Cathy Simon
Carolyn Skaer
Jo Ann Skillett
John & Kathleen Slaymaker
Arthur* & Agness Smeltzer
Craig & Christy Smith
Wendell & Jan Smith
David & Natalie Sollo
Devin Stahl
Nadine Stannard
Stephen & Ann Starch
Glenn Steele
Paul & Cynthia Stein
Darrel & Sylvia Steinshouer
Don & Lynn Stephan
George Stephenson
Rodney Steven
Johnny & Margie Stevens
Marni Stevens
Jacalyn Strong
James & Judy Stroot
Jim & Barb Stucky
Leonard & Betty Sullivan
Jim & Elizabeth Summers
Charlie & Carol Talbott
Natalie & Sean Tarbell
Thompson & Juanita Tate
Kim Taylor
Edward Thomas
Bob Town
Jeff & Rhonda Turner
John Tush & Cindy Bernauer
Lee Underhill
Randy & Mary Underwood
John & Kathleen Van Saun
Paula Varner
Don & Connie Vaughn
Kent & Belinda Venters
Debra Vielock
Marc & Deborah Vincent
Carolyn & Phil Virden
John & Gail Wadsworth
Don & Sheila Wagner
Dan & Marilyn Waller
Floyd Walpole
Matt & Lauri Washburn
Wendy Wayman-Weir
Tony Weatherbee & Sherl Zogelmann
Lauri Wedel-Isaacs
Eric & Kate Wedge
Linus Weimer
Alan & Roberta Whetzel
Chris White
Randall & Regna Whittaker
Dick & Carol Will
Dudley & Mary Williams
Carol Wilson
Dick & Annie Wilson
John & Kathy Wilson
Mark & Loretto Winkler
Stan* & Patsy Wisdom
Doug & Sheryl Wohlford
Art & Betty Wood
Don & Kay Ziegler

*deceased during FY11

President’s Club Annual Associates

A M Plumbing Inc.
ACM Removal Inc.
Advanced Orthopaedic Associates
Advanced Pain Medicine Associates PA
Advanced PT LLC
Aero Metal Forms Inc.
Aero-Mach Labs Inc.
Allen Gibbs & Houlik LC
John T. Arnold Associates Inc.
Artworks of Wichita
Ashley Furniture
Home Store
Automation-Plus Inc.
Bank of America
Bank of America Foundation
Bank of Kansas
Barton Charitable Foundation Inc.
Benchmark Real Estate Group LLC
BG Products Inc.
BGM Sports Marketing LLC
Biker's Edge
Blend Tech
BMG of Kansas Inc.
Boyd Building Inc.
Boyer Educational Trust
Bradbury Company Inc.
Brand Plumbing Inc.
Bud Johnson & Associates Inc.
Burgess Manufacturing of Oklahoma
The Butler
W. & R. Cadman Charitable Trust
Capps Manufacturing Inc.
Cargill Meat Solutions Corporation
Cedar Street Charitable Foundation
G.P. & W. Inc. dba Center Oil Company
Central Steel Inc.
CG Post
Charitable Foundation Inc.
Chrysler Group
City of Wichita - Arts & Cultural Services
Clear Channel Radio
Diane M. Cline Revocable Trust
Cloverdale Farms
Coleman Company Inc.
Coleman Foundation Inc.
Color Impressions Inc.
Commerce Bank N A (Wichita)
Compass Star Montessori LLC
Conco Inc.
Connoisseur Media Wichita
Construction Services Bryant Inc.
E.L. Cord Foundation
Cornejo & Sons Inc.
Cybertron PC
Darling International Inc.
Davis-Moore Auto Group
Dealers Leasing Inc.
Decker Electric
Decorator & Craft Corporation
Larry DeTienne Creative
Ditch Witch of Kansas
Dixon Energy Inc.
Docuplex Printing
Don Hattan Chevrolet
Don Vaughn Inc.
Dondlinger & Sons Construction
Donlevy Lithograph Inc.
Donovan Auto & Truck Center
Doonan Truck & Equipment Inc.
Electric Motor Specialists Inc.
Elkhorn Valley Packing LLC
Emergency Services PA
Emprise Bank Engineers Foundation of Kansas Inc.
Entercom Wichita (103.7)
Equity Bank
Gordon W. Evans Charitable Trust
E.W. Johnson Inc.
Virginia H. Farah Foundation
Fidelity Bank Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
First Place
Fleeson Gooing Coulson & Kitch
Foulston Siefkin LLP
Fox & Hound Restaurant Group
FRAME Finnish Fund for Art Exchange
Furniture On Consignment
Galichia Heart Hospital
Gates Enterprises
General Distributors Inc.
Genesis Health Clubs
GLMV Architecture
Goebel Family - Star Lumber Foundation
Gorges & Company
Grant Thornton LLP
Grene Vision Group
GT Midwest
Gutschenritter & Johnson LLC
Halstead Bank
Hammel Scale Co. Inc.
The Hand Center
Hanna Heating & Air Conditioning
Hartman Oil Co. Inc.
Heartland Women's Health PA
Frank & Betty Hedrick Foundation
Hesston College
High Touch Inc.
Hobson Charitable Lead Annuity
Estate of Elizabeth K. Holmer
Howard's Optical Dispensary
Hyatt Regency-Wichita
IMA Foundation
IMA of Kansas Inc.
The Inn At Tallgrass
Innovative Vein & Med Spa
Intake Studio
Jajo Inc.
Joe Self Chevrolet
Joe's Seat Cover & Car Wash
Joma Bowling Company
K B Properties of Kansas LLC
Kansas Golf & Turf
Kansas Health Foundation
Kansas Scottish Rite Foundation
Kansas Society of CPA's Educational Foundation
Kansas Surgery & Recovery Center
Kansas University Endowment Association
Kice Industries Inc.
Kirkpatrick, Sprecker & Co. LLP
Kitchen Place Inc.
Fred C. & Mary R. Koch Foundation
Koch Industries Inc.
Lampton Welding Supply Co. Inc.
Lane Enterprises
Langhofer Financial Group
Law Kingdon Inc.
Helen Leifert Charitable & Educational Foundation
Lewis Street Glass Company Inc.
Lincoln Foundation
Lorraine Ave Mennonite Church
Lubbers Chevrolet Inc.
Lusk Foundation
M6 Concrete Accessories
Madrigal & Associates Inc.
March Oil Company
The Martens Companies
Mastholm Asset Management LLC
Maxus Properties
McClelland Sound Inc.
McCormick-Armstrong Company
McPherson Opera House
Media Source Inc.
Mel Hambelton Ford Inc.
Metal-Fab Inc.
Metro Xpress
Mid America News Network
Mid-States Supply of Kansas
Midwest Corporate Aviation Inc.
Midwest Hearing Aids Inc.
Midwest Single Source Inc.
Miracle Signs
MKEC Engineering Consultants
Moeller Dermatology
Morris Laing Evans Brock & Kennedy
National Christian Foundation
National Philanthropic Trust
National Plastics Color Inc.
Nelson Inc.
Newberry Family Motors
Newman University - Milton Center
Northrock Inc.
Orpheum Performing Arts Centre LTD
Overhead Door Company
Pain Management Associates LC
Peniston Automotive
Peterson Peterson & Goss LC
Piping & Equipment Co. Inc.
Prairie Harvest LLC
Presser Foundation
The Print Source Inc.
Printing Inc.
Professional Engineering Consultants PA
R.A. Ruud & Son Inc.
Rand Graphics Inc.
Red Rock Canyon Grill
Relianz Bank
Restaurant Management Co.
Riverside Health Foundation
Rock Island Studios Inc.
Rose Hill Bank
R-Quip Equipment Rental
Rudd Foundation
Rusty Eck Ford Inc.
S & S Equipment Co. Inc.
S and Y Industries
Sandlian Realty
The Sarachek Trust
Schaefer Johnson Cox Frey Architecture
Scholfield Auto Plaza
Scholfield Buick GMC
Scholfield Honda
Scholfield Hyundai
Scholfield Supercenter West
Shep Chevrolet
S.J. Prill Financial & Investment Planning Inc.
Slape & Howard Chartered
Snodgrass Construction Co. Inc.
Sollo Vineyards LLC
South Central Kansas Education
Service Center
Southeast Family Health Care
Spangenberg Phillips Tice Architecture
Speece Thorson Capital Group Inc.
Standard Beverage Corporation
Star Lumber & Supply Company
Steffens Development Company
Stone Masons Inc.
Suzuki of Wichita
Taco Shops of Wichita Inc.
Tallgrass Country Club
TB of America Inc.
Tect Aerospace Inc.
TGT Petroleum Corporation
Timber Creek Paper Inc.
TMH Hotels Inc.
Toni D's Inc.
Tony's Drywall Inc.
Traditions Inc.
Transtecs Corporation
Trio Machine Inc.
Twist Inc. dba Twist Yarn Shop
United Way of the Plains
Verizon Wireless
Vertafore Inc.
Vincent Oil Corporation
Washburn Realty LLC
Waste Connections Inc.
WDM Architects PA
Westar Energy
Wichita Business Journal
Wichita Clinic PA
Wichita Eagle
Wichita Nephrology Group PA
Wichita Ob-Gyn Associates PA
Wichita Symphony Society Wilco Inc.
WSU Alumni Association
WSU Employees Association
Yingling Aircraft Inc.
Ziegler Electric Service Inc.

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