New Memorials

New memorials were established or existing funds were selected in honor of the following deceased friends of Wichita State through the WSU Foundation between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31, 2011. To contribute, please contact Jessica Treadwell, WSU Foundation development officer, at (316) 978-6842 or

Les W. Anderson

Les Anderson Fund for Students


Janet Rose Edminster

Ray W. Rose Scholarship Fund


Allene M. Fischer

DeAnn Brown Endowed Piano Fund


Eula I. Holcomb

Eula I. Holcomb Memorial Fund


Bill Q. Johnston Sr.

Bill Q. Johnston Memorial for the Shocker Athletic Scholarship Organization


Bennie Keckler

Jere and Bennie Keckler Scholarship Fund


Alan O. Lomax

Alan O. Lomax Memorial


Nick P. Ogden

Nick Ogden Shocker Men’s Basketball Memorial Scholarship


Charles G. Pearson

Charles G. Pearson Memorial Scholarship


Marilyn L. Pirtle ’64

Marilyn L. Pirtle Memorial for Music Associates


Donna Waller

Donna Waller Memorial for Shocker Baseball

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