Herb Coin ’57, ’63 and Brent Myers ’58 support Shocker Racing Shop expansion 

Brent Myers and Shocker RacingBrent Myers '58, a motor sports enthusiast, became one of the major contributors to the Shocker Racing Shop Building Expansion when he saw how cramped the shop was.

From designing to manufacturing to testing, the Shocker Racing team has been operating in a 688-square-foot racing shop since its inception. With the continued success of the team, it was quickly realized that more space was needed.

“I found the shop facilities pretty confined,” said Brent Myers, who has a 1958 Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Wichita State University and is a major donor to the Shocker Racing Shop Building Expansion program. “(They) needed donations to help fund the building project and I was delighted to contribute.”

With approval from the university, the WSU College of Engineering unveiled plans in 2011 to expand the Shocker Racing Shop to benefit the racing teams. This project is the first of many fundraising initiatives to support the College of Engineering and Senate Bill 127: The Kan-Grow Engineering Legislation, which could provide matching funds to benefit the College of Engineering.

Another fellow engineering graduate, Herb Coin, also has made a major gift to support the shop development, which he hopes will give future engineering students the same benefits he obtained. Coin holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science, both in mechanical engineering, received from WSU in 1957 and 1963, respectively.

“When I graduated and entered the workforce, it didn’t take me long to discover the real value of my engineering degree from Wichita State,” said Coin.

Located on the Wichita State campus, the Shocker Racing Shop is primarily where the vehicle designs are drawn and crafted by the Mini Baja SAE and Formula Racing SAE teams. The Formula Racing team has built two vehicles, and the team is currently working on its third, an SR-12 for 2012 competition. The Baja team produces significantly more vehicles due to the nature of their racing. Although Shocker Racing may not be known campus-wide, it is a popular extracurricular activity among engineering students and alumni.

“Several years ago, I read of the Shocker Racing program in a WSU publication,” said Myers. “It was of interest to me, as I enjoy motor sports. Subsequently, I toured some of the WSU engineering school facilities and visited the Shocker Racing shop. Over time, I returned to visit the shop and talk to a few engineering students about the program. I also follow Shocker Racing some on its website.”

Donors like Myers and Coin feel that this is an investment in the future of engineers.

“The whole concept of the program involves a comprehensive approach to promote careers and excellence in engineering,” Myers said.

On top of personal benefits for the students, which include experience-based learning, Myers and Coin feel that the program has the potential to attract prospective students and could be used as a promotional tool.

“I believe we need to encourage students to enter technical fields like engineering,” Myers said.

“This program will help turn students with some practical, applied knowledge into great engineers,” said Coin.

If you are interested in learning more about the Shocker Racing Shop expansion program, contact Megan Smith, WSU Foundation development director for the College of Engineering, at (316) 978-3803 or megan.smith@wichita.edu. Smith also can discuss in more detail how your gift will increase the likelihood of WSU receiving matching funds from Senate Bill 127.

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