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Spirit of the Gift Biography Project


Can't Find It?

This information may help:

  1. Bad link? Email with which biography you are trying to look at and we will correct any issues with that link.

  2. Near the top of the screen is the alphabet; click on the letter that the scholarship, fellowship or non-scholarship name begins with and then scroll down until you find it. Then, just click on the name.

  3. Only scholarships, fellowships, faculty fellowships and non-scholarships that have been endowed are included in this project.
  4. This collection is continuously updated; the scholarship, fellowship or non-scholarship you may be looking for may not yet be included because it is still on our list to complete or because it is not yet paying out.

  5. The biographies are listed alphabetically under their full name, so make sure you have the entire, official name of the scholarship, fellowship or non-scholarship.

  6. We have also cross-referenced the names and have listed the scholarships, fellowships and non-scholarships as you would find names in a phone book (i.e. the "John Doe Scholarship" can be found under both "J" for John and "D" for Doe; the "X. Jane Doe Fellowship" can be found under "X" for the first initial, "J" for the name she commonly used and "D" for Doe. Try looking under the last name only.

  7. Only Wichita State University scholarships, fellowships and non-scholarships are included.

  8. If you have any questions, give us a call and we'll be glad to help! Call 316-978-3040 or visit our Contact Us page.