Spirit of the Gift

Turning dreams into reality with 1,200 endowed scholarships ยป

Spirit of the Gift

Turning dreams into reality with 1,200 endowed scholarships

Giving Feels Good

The Spirit of the Gift project is an effort to catalog the histories behind the hundreds of endowed scholarships, fellowships and non-scholarship funds at Wichita State University. Each biographical sketch strives to reveal interesting details about who created these gifts and why. They also are a way for donors to share their personal beliefs, professional philosophies, inspirations and aspirations. In many cases, they are a way for donors to give back to the university that gave so much to them.

To explore this project, search for particular gift below or navigate through the pages. The gifts are arranged in alphabetical order.

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Alice A. Nye Memorial Baseball Scholarship

Allen Boge Endowed Baseball Scholarship

Allen Boge Endowed Scholarship

Allen Family Endowed Scholarship

Allen Gibbs & Houlik Faculty Fellowship in Accounting

Allen Gibbs & Houlik L.C. Scholarship Competition

Allene Nelson Henderson Memorial Scholarship

Alpha Gamma Gamma Scholarship

Alpha Phi Scholarship/Fellowship

Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship

Alumni Scholarship

Alumni Tradition Endowed Scholarship

Alvin W.E. and Dolly P. Nagel Endowed Business Scholarship

Amelya Tanner Endowed Education Scholarship/Fellowship

Amie Montgomery Student Ambassador Society Endowed Scholarship

Amy Hollingsworth Blasi Scholarship in Dental Hygiene

Anderson Walk-on Scholarship

Andrea Uleberg Memorial Fellowship

Angela Johnson Memorial Crew Scholarship

Angelika R. Howard Memorial Fellowship for Conversational Languages

Anita and Larry Jones Scholarship in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Anita Lusk Business Scholarship

Ann and Dennis Ross Endowed Faculty of Distinction in Opera

Ann H. and Justus H. Fugate SAS Endowed Scholarship

Ann Walenta Faculty of Distinction Endowed Professorship