Spirit of the Gift

Turning dreams into reality with 1,200 endowed scholarships »

Spirit of the Gift

Turning dreams into reality with 1,200 endowed scholarships

Giving Feels Good

The Spirit of the Gift project is an effort to catalog the histories behind the hundreds of endowed scholarships, fellowships and non-scholarship funds at Wichita State University. Each biographical sketch strives to reveal interesting details about who created these gifts and why. They also are a way for donors to share their personal beliefs, professional philosophies, inspirations and aspirations. In many cases, they are a way for donors to give back to the university that gave so much to them.

To explore this project, search for particular gift below or navigate through the pages. The gifts are arranged in alphabetical order.

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Ann and Dennis Ross Endowed Faculty of Distinction in Opera

Ann H. and Justus H. Fugate SAS Endowed Scholarship

Ann Walenta Faculty of Distinction Endowed Professorship

Ann Walenta Music Scholarship/Fellowship

Anna Elizabeth Walsh Humanities Scholarship

Anna, Emily and Isabel Drummond Endowed Scholarship

Anna Kathleen Walsh English Scholarship

Anna M. Ryan Trust Estate

Anne Marie Underhill Endowed Scholarship in Social Work

Anthony and Dana Gythiel Endowed Scholarship / Fellowship fund in History

Anthony Madrigal Endowed Scholarship

Antoine Toubia Scholarship Fund

Ard Faculty Excellence Award

Ard Technology Fund

Art and Gladys Anderson Fellowship

Art Matters Program Endowment

Arthur and AnnaBelle Johnson Endowed Scholarship

Arthur Andersen Endowed Accountancy Faculty Development Fund

Arthur J. Hoare Scholarship

Arthur W. Gibson Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Ashok and Trish Bajaj Memorial Scholarship and Fellowship

Audrey Needles Scholarship Fund

Austin and Arline Rising Scholarship

B. Lloyd & Eleanor B. Parker Endowed Graduate Fellowship in Chemistry

Bank IV Endowed Scholarship