Spirit of the Gift


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Spirit of the Gift Biography Project


Scroll down to find non-scholarship funds, scholarships or fellowships, or click the links above.

Uleberg Memorial Fellowship (See Andrea Uleberg Memorial Fellowship)

Ulrich, Edwin A. Endowment

Undergraduate Program Student Scholarship (See 1993 Undergraduate Program Student Scholarship )

Underhill Endowed Scholarship in Social Work (See Anne Marie Underhill Endowed Scholarship in Social Work)

Unruh Scholarship (See Jean and Henry Unruh Jr. Scholarship)

Unruh Scholarship in Business (See LeRoy and Trish Unruh Scholarship in Business)

Upward Bound Math/Science Endowed Scholarship

Upward Bound – Wichita Prep Scholarship

Urbom, Ruby J. (See Ruby J. Urbom Endowed Scholarship/Fellowship)




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