Memorials And Honors

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Memorials And Honors

Celebrate someone special with a gift of support

Open memorials and honor tributes

The following memorials are currently accepting gifts. Clicking on the person’s name will take you to the donation form.

Danette Baker

Danette Baker Memorial for Wichita State University

Thomas Beard

Thomas D. Beard Memorial for Wichita State University

Brian M. Brown

Brian Brown Memorial for Robotics & Automation at WSU

Kathleen Dale

Kathleen Dale Memorial for the Kevin Douglass Dale Scholarship

Freeda L. David

Freeda David Memorial for the George David Lodge Scholarship at Wichita State

Dr. Deema de Silva

Dr. Deema de Silva Memorial Fund

Galen Eugene ‘Abie’ Eberhardt

Galen ‘Abie’ Eberhardt Memorial for WSU Softball

Gary D. Farney

Gary Farney Memorial for the Gary & Sarabeth Farney Memorial

Betty Elder

Betty Elder Memorial for Nursing at WSU

David Farnsworth

David Farnsworth Memorial for WSU Model U.N.

Alana Friedman

Alana Friedman Memorial for the Alana and Gene Friedman Scholarship in Business

Kaitlyn Greenman

Kaitlyn Greenman Memorial Scholarship

LaWanda Holt-Fields

LaWanda Holt-Fields Memorial for the McNair Scholars Program

Arneatha K. Martin

Arneatha Martin Scholarship Memorial

Sherilyn Maynard

Sherilyn Maynard Memorial for Softball at Wichita State

Robert Schrag

Robert Schrag Memorial for the WSU Shocker Engineering Academy

Wells Smith

Wells Smith Memorial for Wichita State Athletics

V. Cathy Justice South

V. Cathy Justice South Memorial for Performing Arts Angels

Richard Songer

Richard A Songer Memorial for Wichita State University

Neal Stong

Neal Stong Memorial for the Chet Stong Endowed Scholarship

Establish a Memorial

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