Donor Services

The Wichita State University Foundation and Alumni Engagement (“WSUFAE”) appreciates every donor who makes a commitment to the university. It is our goal to acknowledge every gift and demonstrate its importance in achieving Wichita State’s aspiration to become the best university in the nation in fulfilling our goals. An important part in this endeavor involves adhering to the Donor Bill of Rights – a document created by several national philanthropic associations – as well as other policies that guide us in the fulfillment of donor intent.

The primary mission of the Donor Compliance Services unit of the WSUFAE is to “Develop and enhance control processes and reporting mechanisms to monitor private gift expenditures and demonstrate fulfillment of donor intent”.

To attain this mission, we have the following goals:

  1. Establish sound donor gift agreements.
  2. Monitor fund accounts and identify areas where compliance needs to be strengthened.
  3. Conduct educational sessions to enhance understanding and utilization of private donations.
  4. Evaluate and report on compliance with donor intent.
  5. Stay current with best practices and relevant state and national issues.

As part of our efforts, Donor Compliance Services has in place various procedures and processes that allow us to review activity on almost 2,300 active fund accounts, of which about 1,300 are dedicated to hold endowed gifts and more than 800 are for current expendable purposes.

Reviewing the almost 2,300 active fund accounts include determining whether they have low or no spending, have very low balances, are overspent, or have other concerns about the use of funds. These reviews are reported to the Provost, VP of Student Affairs, Academic Deans, and other Unit leaders using the following schedule:

Aug – Sept: Faculty and Faculty Support accounts
Nov – Jan: Scholarship and Student Support accounts
June – July: Miscellaneous, General Support and other accounts

Contact us for:

  • Gift agreements questions: copies, status of new agreements.
  • Use of funds questions: assistance with interpreting the language of an agreement or determining how to utilize the funds, appropriate and allowable use of funds.
  • Training and educational sessions: Financial reporting system in Financial Edge, fund account administration, comprehensive review of accounts in a unit.

Contact Information:  

Yen Nguyen 316-978-3405
Staci Rongish 316-978-3306
Sheila Krug 316-978-3816
Susan Barrett 316-978-3810