Your Gift Will Change Lives

WSU students achieve their dreams through transformative giving »

Your Gift Will Change Lives

WSU students achieve their dreams through transformative giving »

What impact will you make?

Our Wichita State University Foundation team is ready to help match your interests and priorities with opportunities to advance Wichita State. There are many ways individuals, organizations and foundations can get involved in Wichita State’s vision. Whether your passion is supporting an academic college, establishing a student scholarship or giving through your estate, our development team can help find the right opportunity for you. Simply fill out our contact form to create meaningful change in the lives of students and the communities they serve so we can get to know you. Together, we can change our world through the power of education.

A bird's eye inside view of the Ablah Library on Wichita State University campus

Securing the future of Ablah Library

There is no better time to make a gift to support Wichita State University’s Ablah Library.  A new fundraising initiative is underway that will enable University Libraries to purchase scholarly digital collections needed to support the university’s growth and the success of its students and faculty.  These digital collections are vital for research and innovation. Without these resources, students and faculty won’t have access to critical information or may loose time by researching other ways to gain access.

“To fully succeed, we must not only provide the scholarly resources and spaces required by today’s students and faculty but also anticipate and build to meet the challenges of tomorrow,” said Kathy Downes, dean of University Libraries.

To learn how you can help, contact Amy Tully at 316-978-3805 or

To learn more about the library’s vision for the future,  click the button below.


Stay Connected

Stay Connected

By providing us with an update on your contact information, we will keep you informed on exciting new campus developments, inspiring stories from students and events in your area.


Stay Connected

Our top priority: need-based scholarships

Every year, Wichita State has far more students who apply and qualify for financial aid than can be helped with our available resources. That means that 31 percent of students who need help are turned away. The average financial gap is $2,000 for residential students.

We believe everyone who wants a college education should have that opportunity. Here is how you can help close the gap.

  • Endow a need-based scholarship.
  • Contribute to a need-based scholarship in one of our academic colleges.
  • Learn more by visiting our priorities page.
  • Fill out our contact form to speak to a development team member.


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How Giving Helps

Your gift has a ripple effect. When you support students who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend college, you not only change their lives, but also the lives of their families and the communities where they live. Your generosity helps Wichita State students succeed. Just take a look at the numbers in fiscal year 2020, July 2019-June 2020.


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In Scholarships & Fellowships Awarded


Students Received Scholarships

Scholarships create better futures

“More than one-third of Wichita State students have a gap in the financial aid they’re receiving versus what they need to pay for tuition and fees. When you give philanthropically to Wichita State students, you are changing lives through the gift of a college education. It’s about changing the future for that student and the future generations of that student’s family and, ultimately, our greater community and society as a whole.”
— Sheelu Surender, director of financial aid at Wichita State


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