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License Plate Program

Show off your WSU Pride

Since 1998, WSU license plates have helped fund student scholarships and various alumni engagement programs. Invest in the future of Shocker Nation with an official Wichita State license plate!

Alumni license plates


How do I purchase an official Shocker License Plate?
Visit your county treasurer’s office and request a tag renewal with the official WSU plate. You can find your county treasurer’s office here.

Can I purchase a Shocker license plate even if I didn’t attend WSU? Absolutely! All Shocker alumni, students, family and friends residing in Kansas are encouraged to show their pride with an official Wichita State tag.

How are funds from Shocker license plates used? A Shocker tag costs $50 annually, payable at your tag office or via certificate of donation from the WSUFAE. This annual $50 donation is split evenly between student scholarships and WSU alumni programming.

The license plate has a one-time setup fee of $45.50 which is not tax-deductible. Standard vehicle registration fees and taxes apply.

Can I customize my Shocker license plate? Unfortunately, customized Shocker tags are not available. Tag numbers are issued randomly.

Are handicapped plates available? No; educational license plates are not available with the handicap logo. Individuals with disabilities who wish to purchase a Shocker license plate can contact their county treasurer’s office for a handicap placard for their rearview mirror.

For more information, contact Stacie Williamson.