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Wichita State student works in Bio Medical Engineering Lab

College of Engineering

Empower the next generation of thinkers and builders

A career with a purpose

The College of Engineering at Wichita State has almost 100 years of experience turning students into big dreamers and qualified job seekers. This nationally recognized program is committed to its students, community partners and the development of the local economy. That’s why it is ranked #1 in Kansas and in the top 50 nationally for engineering research R&D expenditures in addition to offering the largest co-op and internship program in the state. Moreover, the College of Engineering graduate program is ranked #1 in the state and in the top 100 in the country.

This is all accomplished while maintaining the College of Engineering’s urban-serving mission. More than a third of engineering students are first-generation and about 50% are students of color.

Your gift to the College of Engineering is an investment in the makers and doers at Wichita State – and the better world they will create.

Wichita State students explore College of Engineering open house

Each spring, the College of Engineering Open House draws students, alumni and industry representatives.

What's happening at the College of Engineering?

Situated in the industrial heart of Kansas, the College of Engineering plays a vital role in the development of students and the local economy. Recently, the college developed seven new programs in response to industry need and plans to launch two more in the near future. The College’s research institutes and centers, along with  15 research labs, including the National Institute for Aviation Research, are destinations for students and community partners alike. With exciting developments on the Innovation Campus and new demand for career-ready engineers, computer scientists and industrial experts, the College of Engineering is just getting warmed up.

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Wichita State College of Engineering students adpat cars for special needs kids in the Go Baby Go applied learning program

College of Engineering students adapt mechanized toy cars for children with special needs in the Go Baby Go applied learning program.

Wichita State University John Bardo Center, home to several College of Engineering laboratories and Go Create

The John Bardo Center is home to many College of Engineering laboratories and the GoCreate community workspace.

Wichita State University's Robotic room inside the John Bardo Center home to the College of Engineering

We did the math: Your gift matters

The students, faculty and staff of the College of Engineering have what it takes to change the world. With bright minds and big hearts, they identify problems and find solutions. Your gift to the College of Engineering ensures the ideas born here become something real – something big and bold – for our students, our communities and our industry partners.

Watch as Wichita State University engineering student Carlos Gatti changes people’s lives in the community by creating assistive devices, also known as prosthetics, with social impact engineering.

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Your gift to the Shocker Fund provides flexible resources to meet the changing needs of WSU students. More students will have access to programs that enhance their college experience, such as tutoring, study abroad, applied learning conferences and competitions, and community service opportunities.

Last year, College of Engineering students received $84,399 from nearly 500 individual gifts. So far this year, students have received $56,990. With your help, we can beat the previous total and more of our students will receive the critical support they need to succeed. Make your gift to the College of Engineering Shocker Fund today.

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