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Students sharpen skills and share their talents »

Students in Wichita State University Chamber Winds and Symphonic Winds Ensemble performing

College of Fine Arts

Students sharpen skills and share their talents

The power of the arts on bold display

The College of Fine Arts is considered the region’s strongest training ground for visual, performing and digital arts. Here, students combine personal artistic growth with learned techniques to launch a meaningful career in the arts. The college is home to diverse programs like vocal performance, graphic design, film making, art, dance and many others. With an enduring commitment to the study of traditional art forms, the College of Fine Arts continues to push boundaries and prepare students for careers in new and emerging fields. Your gift helps expand the horizon for our students and the communities that benefit from their inspiring creativity.

Wichita State Audio Production student recording a student at Shocker Studios

An audio production student uses state-of-the-art equipment at WSU Shocker Studios.

What's happening at the College of Fine Arts

Every year, students in the College of Fine Arts participate in more than 500 performances, presentations and exhibitions. And with access to world-class facilities like Wiedemann Hall, home to the Great Marcussen Organ, the Ulrich Museum of Art and Shocker Studios, students have never been better equipped to thrive in their field of study. Additionally, in 2019, the College of Fine Arts became home to the new School of Digital Arts. One of the first programs of its kind in the country, the School of Digital Arts teaches emerging skills like animation, audio production, film making, game design and collaborative design.


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Wichita State Shocker Sound Machine, perhaps the only basketball court marching band in the country, perform at Charles Koch Arena

Wichita State Shocker Sound Machine, perhaps the only basketball court marching band in the country, performs at Charles Koch Arena.

Wichita State Studio Arts student adds the finishing touches

A studio arts student adds the finishing touches to a painting.

The Theory of Relativity production photo with Guest Director Emily Pirtle Orr

The Theory of Relativity production, with guest Director Emily Pirtle Orr.

Give the gift of a creative education

If you are reading this, it means you understand how meaningful a fine arts education can be. The success of our programs is demonstrated in the alumni who are changing the world through their art. When our students are equipped to succeed, they put in the hard work to make it happen. Ours is a different type of education, based as much on practice as theory, and it is incredibly powerful. With your support, we can make a fine arts education – a creative, innovative, critical-thinking education – more accessible and more impactful than ever before. Your gift makes a difference.

At right: Your support helps students like Aaron Fink, a senior majoring in music with an emphasis in voice, who, over the past year, worked to bring his musical Girl in Blue to life. Listen to what he has to say about the process and how his instructors at Wichita State helped along the way.

Video courtesy of WSU Admissions Shock Doc

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Last year, College of Fine Arts students received $33,927 from 367 individual gifts. So far this year, students have received $25,655. With your help, we can beat the previous year’s total so that more students will receive the critical support they need. Make your gift to the College of Fine Arts Shocker Fund today.

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