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The Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the oldest and largest academic college at Wichita State University, opened its doors in 1895. Today, it enrolls 5,000+ students across its 18 departments and offers 80+ degree paths for undergraduate and graduate studies. Since its establishment, the Fairmount College has been dedicated to applied learning, fostering curiosity and channeling scholarship into advocacy. 

The premier education offered in the Fairmount College is enhanced by support of the Fairmount College Shocker Fund, which provides unrestricted funding to areas of need, including applied learning opportunities, networking and mentorship, and community projects.  

Another great way to support the college is by supporting the Fairmount College’s need-based scholarships. Far more students apply for financial aid each year than WSU has resources to help. This fund will help us reach more students. 

Your support makes a difference! 

LAS Students
By the numbers

18 – Academic departments in Fairmount College.
$600,000+ – Value of scholarships awarded annually to LAS students.
150 – Programs of study within Fairmount College.

Want to make a major impact?

Our Senior Director of Development, Lynette Murphy, can help connect your passions with opportunities to make a difference. Reach her at lynette.murphy@wichita.edu.

LAS Creative Writing Class
Wichita State University students in one of the College of Liberal Arts and Science applied learning labs

Wichita State University professor Dr. Asmatulu with graduate assistant using nanotechnology in the fight against cancer

A liberal arts and sciences education is priceless

As our world becomes more complex, it demands thinkers and leaders who can meet the moment. A liberal arts education was made for times exactly like these. We teach students to learn, to lead and to think independently and boldly for the betterment of our communities. Your gift keeps this special kind of education accessible and flexible for the leaders who will solve tomorrow’s problems.

At right: Wichita State has a long tradition of faculty who inspire bright, talented and hard-working students to reach their full potential. Watch how Professor Dr. Will Parcell is going above and beyond during an unprecedented time.

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Because of you

Your gift to the Shocker Fund provides flexible resources to meet the changing needs of our students. More students will have access to programs that enhance their college experience, like tutoring, study abroad, applied learning conferences and competitions, and community service opportunities.

Last year, Fairmount College students received $115,319 from more than 1,100 individual gifts. So far this year, students have received $104,385. With your help, we can beat the previous year’s total so that more students will receive the critical support they need. Make your gift to the Fairmount College Shocker Fund today.

On behalf of Wichita State students, thank you Shocker Nation.