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"Thank you so much for the Wallace Alumni Legacy 5th year scholarship! This scholarship is going to allow me to put my full focus into Senior Design instead of having to worry about working a high volume of time. Senior Design for any engineering major, including the Aerospace Senior Design class for me, are incredibly time intensive and require spending many hours working on the class, and I am so glad that I don't have to worry about working a large volume of time! Thank you once again for the scholarship and Go Shockers!" - Timothy Eichler


In 2002, a group of Wallace alumni decided to honor what Velma and Dwane did for them by creating the Wallace Alumni Legacy Scholarship. This scholarship is unique in the sense that it was created to assist fifth-year Wallace scholars during their final year at Wichita State.

When Velma learned of the efforts being led by her Wallace alumni, she was incredibly touched. Giving back to the community was of great importance to Velma and she was proud her scholars were doing the same.

Supporting the Wallace Alumni Legacy Scholarship is even more meaningful now that Velma and Dwane are no longer with us.

Help carry on the legacy Velma and Dwane created by making your gift now. You can support this scholarship through a one-time gift, a pledge over five years or by remembering Wichita State and the Wallace Alumni Legacy Scholarship in your estate plans.

In addition, your gift will be eligible to be matched by the state of Kansas through Senate Bill 127.




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April Padgett, associate director of development for the College of Engineering
Wichita State University Foundation
april.padgett@wichita.edu | 316-978-3805


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