K.C. Clayton Scholarship

K.C. Clayton, a Wichita native, graduated from Kapaun Mt. Carmel High School. After completing his undergraduate degree in psychology and his graduate degree in science management, he pursued a career in financial investments, working for several years as a financial advisor with UBS Financial Services in Wichita. He later moved to Colorado, where he continued working independently in financial investments.

Mr. Clayton was a sports and outdoor enthusiast. Both as an athlete and spectator, his favorite pastimes included golf, skiing, football and weight training. His close relationships with family and friends provided him great joy and gratification. He was very close with his sister, Angie, and cherished time spent with his nieces and nephews. His and his wife, Marla, brought much happiness to each other in their short time together.

In 2013, Mr. Clayton established the K.C. Clayton Scholarship at Wichita State University to assist Kapaun graduates pursuing careers in business. Following his untimely passing in 2015, contributions from family and friends to the K.C. Clayton Scholarship help to carry on his belief in the value of lifetime learning.

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