Spirit of the Gift

Turning dreams into reality with 1,200 endowed scholarships »

Spirit of the Gift

Turning dreams into reality with 1,200 endowed scholarships

Each gift tells a story

The Spirit of the Gift, our comprehensive catalog of our endowed scholarships, fellowships and non-scholarship funds, amplifies our donors’ individual voices. These biographical sketches share the intention, personal beliefs and philosophies, and inspirations behind each gift at Wichita State.

To explore this project, search for a particular gift or navigate through the pages. The gifts are arranged in alphabetical order.

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1993 Undergraduate Program Student Scholarship

Christy Bailey Memorial Scholarship

A. Edward Clifford Endowed Geology Fund 1993 Undergraduate Program Student Scholarship

A.J. and Jean Bachus Scholarship

Aaron McKinney Memorial in PA Fellowship

Abbott Aerospace Composites, LLC Endowed Scholarship Fund

Abercrombie Employee Scholars Endowed Fund

Abercrombie Scholars Endowed Fund

Ace Award Endowed Scholarship

Adra C. Jones Endowed Scholarship

Adrease Confer Education Scholarship

Adrian E. Pouliot Scholarship Fund

AEGD Resident Professional Development Fund

AIFAM Scholarship

Air Capitol Alumni, Alpha Kappa Psi Scholarship

Airbus North American Engineering Inc. Aerospace Engineering Scholarship

Ambur Miller Endowed Scholarship in Dental Hygiene

Al and Dolly Nagel Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Al and Donna Littleton Endowed Golf Scholarship

Al Reid Endowed Fellowship

Alan & Roberta Whetzel Scholarship in Business

Alan Yeary Endowed Scholarship in Mathematics

Albert & Marian Katzenmeyer Scholarship

Alberta Davida Otto Scholarship in Organ

Aleta and Marvin Gile Endowed Piano Scholarship