Your support ensures a bright future for Wichita State

Our fiscal year 2023 was filled with generous gifts to advance our university »

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Your support ensures a bright future for Wichita State

Our fiscal year 2023 was filled with generous gifts to advance our university

WSU Foundation and Alumni Engagement Impact Report

Your Generosity Drives Impact
$44.2 MM
Given in fiscal year 23 to support current projects and endowment
4,622 Alumni
$15.4 MM
4,740 Friends
$11.5 MM
696 Businesses & Corporations
$13.9 MM
95 Foundations
$3.4 MM
Dear Shocker Supporter,

As Wichita State University continues to grow, it is through the dedicated and loyal support of the many alumni, friends and donors that we are able to ensure a thriving campus community for our Shocker students. In fiscal year 2022, which ended on June 30, 2022, that support helped the WSU Foundation and Alumni Engagement (WSUFAE) surpass our fundraising goal, reaching the second-largest fundraising year in our history with more than $63 million received in gifts and pledges.

In this Impact Report, you’ll find a complete accounting of the financial outcomes for the WSUFAE in FY22. We’ve also included a few articles highlighting some of the gifts that are so crucial to continuing to advance the university.

We are so grateful for your generosity through the years and are proud to see that more than 2,400 students were awarded scholarships this year – a feat that is only possible because of each of you.

Thank you for all the ways you have contributed to this journey with your ongoing support.

With Shocker pride,
WSU Foundation

Your Impact in Action
WSU Foundation and Alumni Engagement contributions for the fiscal year 2023 from endowed funds and current gifts to support a variety of people, places and programs across the WSU campus.

$2 MM

Faculty & Staff

$8 MM

Student Support

$10 MM

Programs & Research

$13 MM


Total Managed Assets

$260.3 $119.8
$258.4 $125.6
$253.4 $149.3
$201.7 $148.4
$214.6 $154.2
$209.8 $136.0
$192.5 $114.3
$175.0 $107.9
$183.1 $103.1
 Pooled Endowment  Other Assets  *Total Managed Assets

The six-year chart shows a breakdown of the WSU Foundation’s total managed assets.

  • The black bars indicate the portion of the total assets that make up the Pooled Endowment fund.
  • The yellow bars represent other assets, which include the Edwin A. Ulrich Museum of Art and Anthropology Museums’ collections, current funds, real estate and receivables.
  • *Total managed assets reflects all assets managed by the Foundation, before the adjustments to record pledges at next realizable value.
Click to download the WSU Foundation’s FY23 Financials
Your passion for Wichita State is creating a brighter future. We are pleased to share several stories about the impact of your giving.