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Funding Priorities

Our Initiatives Are Student-Focused

We help Shockers succeed

Just as Wichita State University is passionately student-focused, so are the initiatives the WSU Foundation has identified as our most urgent funding priorities. If you are considering a gift to Wichita State, we encourage you to learn more about the impact these initiatives will have on student success.

Need-based scholarships

Far more students apply for financial aid each year than WSU has the resources to help. As Wichita State continues to prioritize accessibility and affordability, your support is needed now more than ever.

Students like Gracie Haile, a junior studying engineering at WSU, has been supporting herself since she was 15 years old. “My scholarship allowed me to cut back my hours at work without having to make a decision between feeding myself, paying my bills or helping support my family,” she said. “That gives me the time I need to focus on my classes.”

WSU is proud to support students achieve their dream of getting a college education, regardless of their financial standing. Need-based scholarships are essential to this mission.

Help students like Gracie achieve their dreams.

  • Contribute to a need-based scholarship in one of our academic colleges.
  • Endow a need-based scholarship.
  • Start a current need-based scholarship.

For more information, fill out our contact form.

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Gracie Haile

Shocker Success Center – A Community of Care

Now that the Barton School of Business has moved to its new home, Clinton Hall is available for a new purpose, bringing together 17 student services currently housed in 10 buildings spread across campus.

We hope you consider how your gift can make a difference in bringing these services together for our students, staff, and the university.

The Impact:

  • Students – greater convenience, better service, less confusion.
  • Staff – new opportunities to collaborate, innovate and share resources.
  • University – increased cost efficiencies and less reliance on outdated facilities.
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Wilkins Stadium Renovation Plan

To support and compliment the competitive growth Shocker Softball has seen in the last 10 years, Wichita State University has invested significant resources in the softball program, making renovations to Wilkins Stadium a fundraising priority moving forward.

The proposed $19.85 million renovation to Wilkins Stadium provides a definitive plan through which WSU will be positioned to maximize student-athlete development, recruitment and retention, helping build a consistent championship-level softball program and highlighting the caliber of female athletes at Wichita State.

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Obleness Family

O’Bleness family gives generously to Wichita State to create a legacy of caring and service

Mitch Caster tribute

Shocker community invited to honor legacy of baseball player

Supporters of Shocker Success Center have a common goal: student success